Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012

Mom got behind on our blogging again!! Sheeeesh!! HUMANS!!
Anyway, here's some of the last few days news and pics.

July 27, 2012
Our sunsets are getting prettier and prettier. We're sending a photo of a recent one. When they're really nice like that all us furkids go out with Mom to watch them!!

The kids from the neighborhood are still bringing their little dogs down here to Mom for vaccines and little ailments. They're really cute kids and they're learning to take care of their pets. Yesterday three little boys came down with a little dog who had a dime sized spot on his side. Mom says she thinks it might have been a bug bite. She was really thrilled though, that the kids were concerned about it!! When we first moved here the pets didn't get much care. The people just didn't know. Mom started teaching the kids about caring for the animals and the kids have taught their parents!!! Now the animals are getting treated better than they ever have before. Is that great or what???

Dad's gone to a private doctor this morning to get another opinion on his knee problems. The doctor he went to the other day was a CAJA doctor, (socialized medicine) and he just kinda rushed Dad through without even really examining the knee. He didn't even bother to look at the ex-rays Dad took with him. Y'know how it is with socialized medicine. The poor doctors have like a thousand patients to see and they don't really have time to do their job like they know it should be done. That's kinda scary!!
Dad has had 6 knee surgeries many years ago and now his knee is basically just trash. The ex-ray they did at the emergency room a few weeks ago showed a new bone growing out of the side of his knee. That doctor (also a CAJA doctor) said he most likely would need a knee replacement and made him an appointment with the bone surgeon. The bone surgeon was the one who didn't even look at the ex-rays.
Y'all please say some prayers and send healing thoughts for Dad ok?

Mom found some funny pics of cats on the internet. She says it looks like a drama class for cats!! wagwagwag!!
July 28, 2012
 Millie, the three legged dog with the injured lung, came up yesterday to see if she got along with us other furkids. Mom had hoped that she would do fine and she could stay here until we could find her a home. The people who rescued her have to find another place for her because their new neighbors are complaining about her. (Mom says they should have thought about that before they moved there. Mom don't like people like that.)
Millie didn't pass the test to stay here though. If someone is petting her and another dog comes near, she attacks it. We can't have that here cause we're not in cages or kennels and stuff and we all get lovin'. Not just one.
So Mom gave the lady some other shelter numbers to try to see if they can help.
It's too bad too 'cause Millie is a BEAUTIFUL girl and, other than the missing leg and the lung injury, she is a happy, healthy furkid. If she gets too excited she has trouble breathing but once she calms down she's fine.
Y'all say some prayers and send some positive energy her way please!!

Dad went to the doctor yesterday and the doc says he needs a knee replacement. Mom and Dad only have the socialized medicine insurance (CAJA) and the CAJA doctors just kinda rush people on through and hurry to get to the next patient. They didn't even really examine Dads knee the other day when he went to them. They just gave him a shot and a huge pile of pills.
Dad falls down sometimes because his knee gives out and Mom says he's gonna fall and break something if we don't get the knee fixed so Dad went to a private doctor yesterday.
Using a private doctor means they'll have to pay for it out of their own pocket. It's gonna be rough but Mom says we'll figure out something. We'll have to cut back on lots of stuff but Mom says us furkids don't have to worry. We still come first.
Mom and Dad have Medicare and have to pay for it out of their pension each month but we can't use it here even though medical care is much cheaper here.

Miss Milana takes her nap each afternoon with Dad. She says it's her "job" to help him take his nap. When she's not keeping his tummy warm she's keeping his head warm. 

Here's another sign for you!! Mom ESPECIALLY likes this one!!

And please be sure to leave water out for the strays and wildlife. All animals get thirsty and the heat in the US is really rough for them just like it is for humans.
July 30, 2012
Gotta make this post a short one. Mom and Dad have to clean the place up again for new guests arriving.  When they get to cleanin' us furkids get out of the way. They really get serious about it!!! 

Don't forget to leave some water out for the strays and wildlife and here's another silly sign for ya!!
Here's another silly sign for you!!

Y'all have a really good Monday and PLEASE don't forget to vote!!


 Aug. 1, 2012
We gotta make this reminder a short one. We've got two really sweet teenagers here who want to love on all us furkids before they head out on their Costa Rica adventure with their mom. I think they said they're going to the beach!!

Aunt June and Uncle Jim headed out real early this morning to go see Poas volcano. At Poas you can walk right up and look down into the volcano!! You have to get there really early though 'cause the clouds come in and wrap around the top of the mountain and all you can see is fog!!!
Tomorrow they're going to a mineral hot springs in the rain forest!!

We've got a real houseful right now with 5 people plus Mom and Dad and ALL US FURKIDS!!  It's fun for us cause we get lots of extra belly rubs.

Delilah and Milana just kinda lay and watch all the action!! With teenagers in the house it's zoom zoom zoom!!!

Here they come again!!!! Gotta go get a belly rub!!

Please don't forget to vote and ask you friends to vote too!!
Aug. 2, 2012
 Well Aunt June and Uncle Jim had a great time yesterday seeing the Poas volcano and the waterfalls!! They're off again today to go to the mineral hot springs and volcano Arenal.

And our two teenage guest and their mom are leaving today for the states so they're getting up early so they can play with us furkids!! They've been pretty busy since they've been here so we haven't had a lot of time to get all the belly rubs we require. wagwagwag!!
I was sick night before last and Mom was up with me most of the night.
I slept pretty good last night though!! I didn't get sick so Mom got to sleep good too. We got up way early this morning though. yaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn......

We're attaching a pic of Milana when Mom put a baby onesie on her. She thought Mom had gone crazy. She likes to get dressed up but the onesie was a little much for her. 

And a pic that Nadine sent her of Costa Rica roads.
Aunt June and Uncle Jim said they saw some cows on the road yesterday too. It happens all the time here. Sometimes there are people with the cows but sometimes they are just out there walking around so ya gotta be careful!!

Please don't forget to vote today!! THANKS!!!

Aug. 3, 2012
Did you folks see what Mom did yesterday?? Ya remember I told y'all we got up WAY too early!! Well Mom's body might be up and walking around but sometimes her brain doesn't wake up 'til it gets good and ready!! It's really much safer to let her sleep til her brain wakes up.
When she signed my name at the bottom of the reminder she typed "ButBut" instead of BudBud!!!
A friend posted us and told us about it and I was SOOOOO embarrassed!!! (BLUSH!!!!)
sheeeeeesh!!! HUMANS!!!!!
I'll forgive her though. Us furkids are a very forgiving species y'know.

Little Llutu is still looking for a home. She wanted Mom to make a list of her good points and post to you folks. Llutu says to tell you "HEY!! I'm pretty much perfect!! What more do you folks want?" and then she said to add a big WAGWAGWAG at the end!!

OH!!! The other day when Mom went with the Atenas girls to Sarchi she saw a lady walking her pet. Mom ran over to take a picture cause she says she bets you people can't guess what it is.

It's a cat but in the photo it looks JUST LIKE ME!!!! Or at least just like an American Eskimo dog!!

We found another neat bug so Mom took a pic. He looks big in the photo but that's 'cause Mom got close to take the pic. He sure is marked pretty dont'cha think?

Don't forget to vote!! THANK YOU!!!
Aug. 4, 2012

You folks ROCK MY WORLD!!! Thanks for all the votes!! Please keep it up!!!

Just go to and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!!

Mom saw a wonderful picture and story on Facebook about a 19 year old dog and his faithful, loving dad. It kind of reminds me of me and my mom and dad. This how much I love them and trust them. And Mom says the feeling is mutual. She just wishes ALL furkids could be loved this much.

Our rainy season has been REALLY mild!! We've actually had more sunny days than rainy days!! That's pretty neat for us furkids but Mom says it may cause problems this next dry season. Something about a water table and running out of water before the next rainy season.
I dunno much about tables but I think it would be pretty hard to build one out of water.

Cooper and Ashley are staying with us again. We always enjoy having them with us 'cause they're sweet kids.

Here's another silly sign for you!!

Thanks for all the votes and PLEASE keep voting.
Tailwags and Kisses,

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