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Aug. 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26

We've been REALLY busy with two new "special needs" furkids that have come in so we  haven't posted to our blog in a few days.
We're just gonna post the news from the last few days all on this one blog post.

Aug 22nd.
Little Kristy is doing good. 

She's up and around a little and seems to be getting a little more perky. She even barked at Mom last night when Mom went in, before bedtime, to give her smooches and hugs. Mom says she barked and wagged her tail like we do when we greet people!! And she wagged her tail this morning when Mom went in to love on her and give her some of her meds!!!!
She is able to hear but her hearing is not great. She is still able to see only shadow and light.
Poor little kid gets LOTS of meds every day all day.
So far all she will eat is the pureed chicken so Mom made some more last night.
Say some prayers and send some healing energy please that she will regain her vision as the infection clears in that one eye.

Mom and Dad took the other little dog to the vet yesterday. She has a HORRIBLY infected ear and both eye are infected. She also has some kind of skin problem.
Dr. Sharon gave her three prescriptions and did a skin scraping to find out what the issue is with the skin. She's a really really sweet little dog. Her owners were so glad Mom helped them. They family doesn't have a lot of money but the dad is a mechanic so Mom told him someday he can just work on the car for us.
She says in the states they call that "barter" and folks used to do that all the time!!
Right now she's getting some new covers made for our couch that rescue dogs have messed up. The lady who is making them asked Mom to help with her dog and Mom paid for all the vet stuff. So Mom went and bought material and stuff and the lady, who makes clothes and stuff, is making the covers for the couch cushions.
That "barter" thing sounds like a GREAT plan to me!!!!
I wonder if we could barter for something like steaks for us perros and gatos?? yuuuummmmmm!!!
Mom said not to hold my breath.

Dad got one side of the garage gate fixed. It slides really good now. He had Mom help him lift it and carry it to the sawhorses so he could weld it and Mom says it's HEAVY!!!!!! It's made out of heavy metal and Mom says it weighs a ton!! After moving it a couple of times she told him he could just wait until Bro got off from work to move it again.
He's got to do the other gate now.

Uncle Sean says Llutu is doing GREAT with her new sister!! They go for walks on leash and Poochie and Llutu LOVE it!! 

Clem seems to be doing fine here without Llutu. He plays with Milana and Mieko a lot and Delilah plays with him sometimes too. He stole Dads' socks yesterday and hid them. He took one out in the yard and Dad found it and told him he better go bring the other one back. I don't think he understood but he stood up on his hind legs and danced for Dad anyway!! wagwagwag!!!
Mom finally found the other sock in the view room where Clem hangs out a lot.
He didn't chew them up though so that's a GOOD thing!!
Mom told Dad it was not Clems' fault. Dog rules are "If it's on the floor it's MINE!!"


Mom's gotta go give Kristy some more medicine so we gotta go. Thanks for all the votes and PLEASE vote again today!!!

August 23rd
YOU  FOLKS ARE DOING GREAT!!!! Thanks for all the votes!!
Just go to and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!!

Mom took little Mirri (formerly called Kristy) to the vet yesterday to try to get a urine sample. Unfortunately she had just pee'd before she took her so her little bladder was empty. Mom took her to Aunt Kays and sat the and talked while she syringe fed Mirri water. After an hour she took her back to Dr. Sharon. Still no luck.
Mom came home and waited another hour then took her back down to the vet. Dr. Sharon squeezed her bladder forever trying to get a few drops. STILL no luck.
They finally put her down on the floor and she sniffed for a minute and then squatted!! Dr. Sharon shoved a cup under her and caught enough for the lab to test!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

She's doing better this morning and has gained some strength. When she hears Moms' voice she starts looking for her. She drops her head down and "feels" with the fur on top of her head to inch her way along until she locates Mom.
She can hear when Mom claps her hands and comes straight to her.

Mom did a little video this morning so you folks can see how well she's doing.

All us other perros are just kinda hangin' out and waiting til we get to meet little Mirri. We got to sniff her the other day while she was in Moms lap at the computer, but we haven't got to actually say hello to her yet.

Little Llutu is doing great in her new home. Her new dad, Sean, sends us emails each day to let us know how she's doing. She stole his sock the other night and slept with it on her pillow!!!
wagwagwag!!!Thanks for all the prayers for Mirri. She's a cute little furkid and needs all the prayers she can get!! Mom says she's not out of the woods yet and still has a LOT of infection in her tiny body so please keep saying prayers and sending healing thoughts.


August 24th,

We got a new cat in yesterday and Mom is pretty busy dealing with that and the adorable little Mirri.
The cat was attacked by dogs and they ripped a lot of skin off of him. The owner did not have the time for all the work that needed doing and asked the vet to just euthanize the cat.
He's only 3 years old so the Dr. Sharon called Mom.
Mom's gonna try to help the cat get through this and then maybe Dr. Sharon can find him a home. Mom's gonna do a video of him but she's gonna put warnings on it so people don't watch unless they have really strong stomachs.
Mom says the injuries are pretty gross.
Say some prayers for him please and send healing energy.
I don't get it!! Why would dogs attack a cat? Our cats here at Lighthouse are our buddies!!

Little Mirri is doing GREAT!! She still can't see but she is gaining a lot of strength and greets Mom and Dad with her tail wagging!! She bounces when she barks!! She's eating really good and peeing and pooping normally!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!!
Mom's gonna do a new video of her too!!!
We'll try to include those videos tomorrow if Mom gets a chance to get them finished up.

Gotta go...Mom has to go try to doctor "Don Gato" (that's the cats name) and help him feel better.

Don't forget to leave water out for the strays and wildlife please!!
Please don't forget to vote!!

August 25th 
 Little Mirri is doing SOOO good!! She's FULL of energy and spends most of her time barking for Mom to come be with her in the clinic room. She still can't see though. She's getting lots of medicine to help her eyes so please keep saying prayers for her ok?
Mom says it's almost impossible to get a picture of her 'cause she never stops moving unless she's being petted and loved on.
She's eating real good and has gained almost a half pound!!!


The new cat, Don, is still sedated pretty heavily for the pain. He is really sweet though and lets Mom and Dad change the bandage on his leg. Dr. Sharon is coming up today to see him. Mom says the color of his leg doesn't look good. She's worried he might lose it. Those dogs really tore him up bad, poor baby. Y'all say some prayers for hm too please.

Some of the cactus flowers bloomed late last night and they were still open this morning so Mom got pics!! Usually they're wilted and hangin' down by mornin' so this was a real treat!!
They're HUGE!!! And Beautiful!! Once the flower falls off the Dragon Fruit will be born!!

Mom's gotta go give more medicine to the clinic kids so we gotta go.
Please don't forget to vote!!

Aug. 26th
 Don, the cat, is doing a little better but he keeps dehydrating. He was on fluids most of yesterday and into the night. This morning he is dry again. Mom has texted the vet so hopefully we'll hear from her in a little while. 

Little Mirri is doing just fine. Her urine test showed she does have a urinary tract infection so she is now on antibiotics for that along with all the medication for her eyes and the supplements she is on to help her regain her strength. She sure is a sweetie and she's getting lots of love from Mom and Dad.

Here's another pic of the cactus flowers (Dragon Fruit Blossoms) that we took yesterday. And a pic of some of the Dragon Fruit Mom picked off the cactus yesterday. We've got a BUNCH growing this year!! 

Gotta go. Mom's gotta go give meds to Mirri and Don.

Thanks for all the votes and please be sure to leave some water out for the strays and wildlife.



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