Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aunt Helenes Letter 5/31/12

Thank you so much for all your support. We are still in good position in the Shelter Challenge but we need to continue until 17 of June. Please keep voting.
Today I travelled with two dogs to our Vet Dr. Randall Villalobos in San Ramón. We made a blood test from each one and one of them has “Erlichia”. Tomorrow we start with the treatment. We are very sorry but we hope all will be fine. Yesterday I brought our beloved Sissi to the airport. She is already in the United States and she is very happy. She behaved well on her trip and is living in a wonderful, loving home.
Tomorrow I have to travel to La Fortuna where Ivana, who will take two of our dogs – Roy and Millie – to Germany on 11th of June is making vacations. There is a new form to fill for the exportation of the dogs and it is new that this form needs the signature of the person who takes the dogs with them. They make it always more complicated but what can I do. I want my dogs happy and they are already expected in Frankfurt. Millie was saved from a German couple in Puerto Viejo. They found me in the internet, brought me Millie and she is now more than four months with us. She is eight years old and her immune system is low but she is now a lot better and she looks really beautiful. She is a very sweet dog and I am so happy for her. I have the paperwork ready (only the signature tomorrow) and I hope she will have a good flight.  For me it will be like always hours of waiting and hoping the best for the dogs they are on their way.
The couple – now my friends – who saved her are really in love with her and she will have a wonderful life – the best she can get!!!!
Melissa and Sonia are very happy. I got another phone call today from her new mother Melania. What a joy for me!!!
I ask you again to help me to find a good home for our wonderful dog Amor.
You can see photos of Amor in
Please remember, that we need your vote!
Send you all my best wishes and I want to thank you with all my heart for your help. You are making a change in this world.
Many hugs Helene

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