Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aunt Helenes Letter 5-17-12

Today I want to tell the story of our beloved Marcello.

Marcello was a dog on the chain. He lived not far away from me and I tried to change his life speaking with the owner to give him food and water and a house where he can sleep in. 

Every time I visited him there was no water and I never saw some food. Everybody warned me not to get close to him – he could attack me - but I got close and I hugged him and he was so grateful. 

He was without fur. He had fleas, ticks and lice. The skin seemed to be unable to produce hair anymore. His body was in fear and pain. I could not change for him anything, my heart was breaking, I could not sleep and I decided to take him with me. It was such happiness for me to see him going better. 

We put him free of parasites, we made surgery, we put a tumor away and he got a special care, good food and always fresh water. He is together with two beautiful dog ladies – Iris and Elvira and he is today a beautiful, sweet dog with a lot of self-esteem.  His size seems to be twice and nearly all his hair came back. The former owner of Marcello has now two small dogs and they have a life you can at least accept.

We all love Marcello and we are happy we could help him to be a happy and healthy dog. He is now seven or eight years old and nobody would recognize him. I never take a picture when the dog is in bad condition. It seems to me without respect. Now we have many good photos. 

Once he was nearly adopted because he was very similar to a dog a wonderful dog lover couple had lost and was looking in Dogland for another dog. But because of his age they decided to take another dog – our beloved Alvaro which I picked up from the street after a car accident, healed him and he got adopted only three months after he found me.

Please we all need your help and so we are asking: Please keep voting for us. Send you all my best wishes and I want to thank you all with all my heart for your help. You are making a change in this world.

Many hugs Helene

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