Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aunt Helenes Letter 5/10/12

Dear friends of Frances!
Thank you for voting for us. Please we need every day your vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend "Mette My" visited us in December 2011/January 2012. In January I was travelling to my friends in Playa Coyote. They had already two dogs adopted from Dogland and wanted a third dog – our beloved Felix – another beautiful big black dog! Felix arrived happy his new wonderful home and for luck the other dogs accepted him immediately as their friend. 
I spent several hours with them on the beach and it was a wonderful day. 

I traveled back on the same day and on the Ferry from Playa Naranjo to Puntarenas I got a phone call from a lady from San Miguel de Piedades Sur. Somebody left a puppy on the street and it was hit by a car. She asked me if I could pass by and pick the screaming baby up. I said yes and when I came from Puntarenas and arrived on my way home San Miguel I picked the baby up. 
It had his back broken and I took her carefully home. On the next day I brought her to my Vet Dr. Randall Villalobos. The X-ray showed it was broken but there was hope that it heals well because of the age of the dog. 

My spent many hours with the baby, gave her the name ALMA, was day and night with her and let her sleep in her bed. Alma was very well taken care and she was soon in a lot better condition and wanted to play. She was a puppy. We had to keep her quiet and in observation. When My left she was already walking.


My felt in love with Alma and when she finally came home to Belgium she wrote me and asked if she can adopt Alma. It was a very happy moment for me. We are now in the process to get the paperwork done which needs for Europe four (!) months. One month is over, we sent the blood to Kansas and are waiting for the result of the test for anti-rabies antibody in vaccinated dogs. When all is going well Alma can fly in August to Europe!!!!!!!!!!

My felt in love with a second dog from Dogland – Jessica - but the costs for every dog bringing them to Europe are $ 700. She will pay this for Alma but for Jessica there is no money left. I will try to get some money together to try and help and we will see what we can do. It would be a dream to give another dog such a wonderful opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please help me to help others. All my dogs need your help and so we are asking: Please keep voting for us. I thank you with all my heart.
Many hugs Helene

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