Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Adoptions, Two New Rescues



WHOOO HOOOO!!!! Two more adoptions for Aunt Helenes dogs!!!! We're SOOOO glad!!!

We got two new furkids in today too here at Lighthouse!! They're cute little tykes. We named them Llutu and Bandito. That's their pics up above!!
Somebody just threw 'em away like yesterdays garbage. What is it with humans anyway? How come they can't all be like Mom, Dad and Aunt Helene??? 

Anyway, here's Aunt Helenes letter about the two furkids new home!!

Dear Friends of Frances!
Thank you so much for all your support. We are still in good position in the Shelter Challenge but we need to continue until 17 of June. Please keep voting.
Today I travelled to Aguas Zarcas near San Carlos to see the home where two of my dogs will live in the future.  A very nice couple visited us on Thursday and felt in love with three dogs. They want to adopt two dogs. So I brought three dogs with me to see how they do in their house. It was not an easy decision. They all were so sweet and well behaved and they liked them all but finally after spending hours with them the decision was to keep Sonia and Melissa.
Linneth went back home with us. When we arrived late she got a special dinner to let her forget the long trip.
I am very happy with my girls but I always are missing them for many days and I will call tomorrow and after this many times also. But I am sure these nice people will call me and let me know how they are and I will visit them in the next weeks.
Melissa came to my home two years ago. She is one of our sweetest dogs and we love her very much.
Sonia found me with her three puppies – Francini, Melanie and Faby. Francini – now named Francia lives with a very nice family in Moravia and Melanie – now Vida is adopted in Canada from a very special mother – Adrienne! Faby is still with us and now her mother is adopted.
I wish Melissa and Sonia so much luck in their future life and I will never forget them. They will always be my babies.
I ask you again to help me to find a good home for our wonderful dog Amor.
You can see photos of Amor in
Please remember, that we need your vote!
Send you all my best wishes and I want to thank you all with all my heart for your help. You are making a change in this world.
Many hugs Helene

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