Monday, May 28, 2012

Llutu and Bandito

Keep your fingers crossed that we got our internet issues fixed. Mom worries that if we don't have internet we might miss being able to help some furkid somewhere.

The two new furkids here at Lighthouse, Llutu and Bandito, are doin' great!! Mom's gonna make an appointment for them to get "fixed" and then they can join us out back here. Right now they are out front in their ex-pens during the day and at night they sleep in the clinic room.
They sure are cuties and they're gonna need their own home soon!!! They're little so they won't take up much room!! Anybody looking for some sweet lap babies?

Don't tell Mom I said so but I think Bandito might be a little cross-eyed.

And we have some visiting dogs right now too. Ashley, Cooper, Misty and Pogo visit quite often so they are like part of the family. We love them just like we do our own crew!!

We're still trying to find a family for Amor. His dad dumped him, then left on a boat. Amor chased every boat up and down the river for three months waiting for that evil man to return. Aunt Helene heard about him and went after him.
He's a totally devoted furkid and needs to get out of the shelter and into a loving home.
If you're thinking about adopting PLEASE consider Amor. You can see his story at

Fabio wants a home too!! We're attaching a pic of him!!
He's a cutie with LOADS of personality.
Aunt Helene has LOTS AND LOTS of furkids that need homes!! Check out her adoptables at

You might just find a BFF!!!!!

Please don't forget to vote again today and every day!!


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