Monday, May 21, 2012

"Amor" means "Love" and he really needs it!!

 Aunt Helene is trying REAL hard to find a human for Amor to adopt. He's very sad without a human of his own.
If you ever wanted a BEST "best friend" this guy could be the one!!

He is the dog I rescued in Los Chiles. I wrote already the story a few weeks ago. 
Amor is a dog who needs urgent a family. He is very close to people. He will love his owner with all his heart but it would be better he is the only dog because he wants to be the one who gets the attention. Other dogs have to stay back. 
He is sad alone and he is sad with other dogs because what he really wants is a human being who loves him. He really needs a family.
Here is his story again so you remember.
Early this year a lady from Canada called me and asked me to pick up a dog she has seen on her vacation. She told me, "We made a boat trip in Los Chiles and as we started up the river, a dog started to run along the path at a tremendous rate. The person driving the boat said the dog's owner abandoned him in the town and took a boat to Nicaragua and the dog has raced up and down the waterway every day for three months - sometimes four times a day - looking in every boat that went by, every single one looking for the horrible human being that abandoned him -  running twenty miles a day. He jumped over creeks, swam over canals (and there are crocodiles) and kept looking at us  "Are you there?"  "Where are you?" ... a couple of us started to cry. When we got back I bought food and fed him. He is a sweetheart! Then he disappeared to the river to find the person that broke his little heart."
I wrote her back that I am willing to help and two days later I traveled to Los Chiles and picked the dog up. Los Chiles is on the border to Nicaragua – from where I live a 4 ½ hour trip (one way). I found the dog exactly where she told me he always is before the boat starts, brought him home, named him Amor and here he is waiting for a wonderful home he deserves. He is very attached to humans, is beautiful and loves attention. You can see photos of him in my website

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