Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aunt Hlelenes letter 5-3-12

Dear friends of Frances!
Thank you for voting for us. Please we need every day your vote. All my dogs are sending greetings.
Yesterday we picked up a dog – big size – with five puppies. They are now together in a yard and sleep in a big house. Every stomach is filled and the world seems to be good.
Today I brought three adult dogs for surgery. One of the dogs has two puppies which I have also now with me. We wait with the surgery. When they will stay with me there is no hurry. So we got yesterday and today in total 11 dogs more. It is scaring but what can I do. They are all full of parasites and the mother of the puppies needs a “Sarna” treatment. Always when they have difficult situations – having puppies, not enough food, sleeping outside, parasites – their immune system goes down and one of the first damaged organs is the skin.
The two puppies are in the moment together with our youngest family member Kevin. He was until now alone because he is still too small to get well with the other puppies – Victor, Vicky (sister and brother), Estefanie and Estefan (sister and brother) and Roxana (daughter of Rebecca). Now Kevin is happy – only the two new puppies are missing their mother and screaming but the mother needs quietness after her surgery from today. The other two females they got surgery today are a small brown dog and middle size white dog. The brown dog will go back on Friday to his owner. The other dogs will stay with us. Especially the mother dog has to be healed from “Sarna”.
They all will get or have already their shots, deworming pills and treatments to be free from parasites.
We are making a new concrete path for walking up to the dogs until the rainy season starts. There is a lot to repair and to clean.
I am coming back from feeding all the new dogs, putting ticks out, put the spray for the fleas on and pet them – it is so touching to see how grateful and happy they are. Some with more, some with less fear. I am sure tomorrow they will be all confident and different. This makes me happy. They are now safe and sleeping well tonight.
Please we all need your help and so we are asking: Please keep voting for us. I thank you from all my heart.
Many hugs Helene

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