Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kiara and Daimon

Here's Aunt Helenes story for today!! Please don't forget to vote!!
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Today I want to tell the story of our beloved Kiara and Daimon.
Before Christmas 2010 I got a pone call from a girl (Sally), born in Germany. She was in 2010 volunteering in Costa Rica on a school near San Carlos. She told me crying that she saw a woman giving away puppies to everybody who went by. The puppies were only four weeks old. She took first a female but went back to get the last puppy also – it was a male. Now she was with the two puppies and her hosting family allowed her to take the puppies only for one night. She tried to get another place but nobody was helpful. She called her mother in Germany in the middle of the night and told her the situation. Her mother – also a big dog lover – started to search in the Internet and she found my website. Sally called me and I said first I cannot but she was so sad and bagging me so I said finally yes (like always). On the next day she brought me in a bag (on the bus from San Carlos) the two small puppies. They were very sweet but they make a lot of work. Sally wanted me to keep them and try to get them as soon as possible to Germany. The problem is that the Rabies shot cannot be given before the age of four months. So first we waited 3 months more to give them the shot. One month after the shot we sent the blood to Kansas for the blood test. After the blood test we had to wait three month more to have the possibility to get all the papers for the flight. We needed on the end nearly nine months to get them both to Germany. It was very touching and we all – Sally, her mother and I – were very happy when they finally arrived Frankfurt.  Sally was working in Germany to get the money together for all the costs to get them to her. We are always in contact and we are now good friends and we love each other. Daimon and Kiara – the name of the two dogs – are now big, healthy, beautiful and happy in the house of Sally where she is living with her mother and another dog and a cat.
Please we all need your help and so we are asking: Please keep voting for us. Send you all my best wishes and I want to thank you all with all my heart for your help. You are making a change in this world.
Many hugs Helene

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