Sunday, May 20, 2012

Roys Story, from Aunt Helene

One day I got a phone call. I should come to San Miguel. A Huskie was there and his eye was cut. I traveled immediately to this urbanization which was built by the government for the poor people. 
When I arrived I saw a big Huskie. With the help of some people I put him in my car and brought him to my Vet Dr. Randall Villalobos. He made surgery and could save his eye. He can move it and it is not draining. The only he cannot see with this eye.
I had for several weeks to inject him, to keep him quiet and to put drops in his eye. But I did it with pleasure and I was so happy when all went well. He had to wear the plastic protection for a long time. But finally he was healed and very happy. 
He is a quiet, sweet dog. He looks very impressive and is beautiful. He found a good way to accept that he cannot see with one eye and he is behaving very well.
The owner begged me not to give him back because it was one of her family members who did this damage to this peaceful dog. I named him Roy and he is living now in Dogland with two black, beautiful women dogs. They are playing the whole day and Roy loves to sit on the table (where he looks even bigger) and enjoys.

One day a friend of mine and big friend of Dogland together with his wife fell in love with Roy. They visited him several times and wanted to adopt him. Roy was very happy when he went away with them and I was happy for him. 

But his intelligence and his love for freedom finished his the stay with his new parents very quickly.

Frank was telling me:
Part1: With this Husky, it was quite different. We know that the breed is notorious for running (sled dogs), but Roy's temperament was great and his energy was so level and chill that we figured we could CRACK the window for him so he could get some air. 
The space he jumped through was barely big enough for his ears to fit through- I was amazed! This dog weighs at least 100 lbs (almost twice the size of Cane). 
Concerning our ability to travel with dogs, that is very funny but we've travelled with all of them via car & plane on an almost daily basis without incident (knocks on wood LOL). 

Anyway, I'm just thanking God that Anna & the baby are OK because it was her side of the car that smashed into the rocks. Not a scratch. 
In the car then leaping out the window of moving car. Driver reaches out to grab collar to cushion the fall. Suffers injury to arm/shoulder/neck. Still driving crashes into ditch/rock&dirt wall. Verifies safety of wife then dashes after Houdini the Husky. 

Part 2: Husky secured. Trying to shake off the effects of the car accident. Back home and introducing Roy AKA Houdini to the rest of the pack. Walk the property with all 3 dogs to help the process and show Roy the boundaries.

Roy Houdini quickly figures out that by rubbing up against the coffee plants at a certain angle, he can pop the clasp of the leash. 

I corral him and bring him back to the fenced-in area next to the house. Houdini apparently watched me the ONE time I latched the gate closed because the moment I turn my back he runs over and opens (yes OPENS) the gate and heads for the hills literally. 

Picture it- Sicily 1957. OK, more like the mountains of San Ramon 2011 but you get the idea. Full sprinting gringo in flip flops chases a huge and menacing looking Siberian Husky through the hills. Up and down muddy slopes at steep incline, through coffee fields, cow pastures, barb-wire fences, and local tico family farm properties...

Houdini shows no intention of stopping or heeding a word I say. All out sprinting through the scenery for about a mile. He's disappeared behind a farm house. Which way did he go? Chickens and roosters protest and flail out of the coop- I'm back on the trail!!! 

Can barely breathe now, but if I don't catch him on this chase he is likely lost forever. Houdini keeps running and heads back into the hills. The great escape artist seems to be tiring a little so I shift into overdrive to get a little closer. He pauses a moment to choose direction at a fork in the greenery and the overheating gringo seizes his opportunity. 

A lunging tackle and the elusive giant is apprehended. I ran for so long and so far without thinking of anything but the goal, and now was rather clueless regarding our location at least Roy AKA Houdini would be safe. 

Part 3 (Final Act): After 24 hours with our new friend Roy, we realized that we were not at all equipped to handle his escape artist skill-set in our present circumstances. I loaded him in the car and brought him back to the safety and security of "Dogland". He almost got me killed twice in 24 hours and landed our vehicle in the shop, but we still ♥ him. What a great soul :-) We will visit him and all the other dogs in "Dogland" often and will do what we can to help Helene on her mission to keep all the lost dogs of San Ramon safe.

Roy came back only 24 hours later and he sit again on the table looking at his two beautiful women dogs as never had happened something.
Roy has a sponsor in Germany  - they are my great supporters in Germany  - and they decided to adopt him. So the end of the story is that Roy will fly 11th of June with Condor airlines to Frankfurt/Germany. They are already impatient waiting for him.

Please remember, that we need your vote!
Send you all my best wishes and I want to thank you all with all my heart for your help. You are making a change in this world.
Many hugs Helene

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