Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zsuszi is going to Germany!!!


News today from Aunt Helene!!! Another adoption and a transport volunteer to Frankfort Germany!!!!

Dear Friends of Frances!
Thank you so much for all your support. We are still in good position in the Shelter Challenge but we need to continue until 17 of June. Please keep voting.
I travelled in the last days several times to Dr. Randall Villalobos in San Ramón because of preventing dogs from illnesses caused from ticks and also to control fungus in this time of rain.
We have all under control but it is not easy with 182 dogs.
I found a wonderful lady who will take my beloved Zsuzsi next Thursday to Frankfurt. There is a lot to do with the paperwork but we will have all ready at time. So next week three dogs are flying to Germany where they will have a very warm welcome!!! I know all the persons they will adopt my dogs and I hope with all my heart the dogs will arrive well. Many hours of waiting for the good news – this makes me worry!!
So on Monday (I have to be at the airport 5 a.m.) Roy and Millie will be on the way and on Thursday Zsuzsi (her new name will be Mia). Millie and Roy will not change their name. Millie was already given her name from her new parents when they saved her in the vacations in Costa Rica.
We have a new sponsor. Silvia Rodriguez, who visited us last Sunday, felt in love with our new dog. She came with five puppies. Silvia gave her the name Patri (Silvia´s second name is Patricia) and will support her in the future. We are very happy!!
I will put an album in my website with the photos of the last Sunday visit. Amazing photos!!!!!!! Silvia and Georgeana came on Sunday to Dogland together with our big friends Carmen Romero y Jorge Garro – sponsor of Kaspar Chaplin, Lilly and Cydni.
We have one dog with a bad illness in one of his eyes. We are very worry about him – it is our Felipe. He gets special medicines and in 10 days we will decide what has to be done in case the eye will not be better.
Having 182 dogs there is always a lot going on.
I want to send many kisses and all my love to Bailey, Sweet Caroline and Pumpkin. What a joy for me. Thank you Mary and Joni!!!!!!!!
I put some new photos from Patri and her two sons in
Please take a look. In “Our beloved dogs” you can see photos of nearly all our dogs.
Only 10 days more we need your vote in this Shelter Challenge. Thank you so much for all your support.
Send you all my best wishes and many kisses from all my dogs – one sweeter than the other and everyone different!!!!!! You are always invited to visit us. All the dogs love visitors!!!!!!!!!
Many hugs Helene

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