Friday, June 22, 2012

THANKS!! From Aunt Helene

 Sigi is looking for a special 
person to give all her love to!!

Here's a THANK YOU from Aunt Helene!!! We're so glad we were able to help her win!!!

Dear friends of Frances!!!!
We are very happy to announce that we win the Shelter Challenge. This could only happen with your help. Thank you so much for voting for us. Thank you for this wonderful support.  All my dogs are happy and sending greetings and a big “THANK YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Association Elena – dogs they found me – Asociación Elena – perros que me encontraron -won the Shelter Challenge (International winners). This is a big joy and a big help for us!!!!!!!
I am helping dogs in need more than 10 years and I never get any support. I created 2010 the Association and I participated in the Shelter Challenge for the first time. I cannot thank enough for having this wonderful opportunity to ask my friends to vote and to receive such a big support. I am also lucky to have such wonderful friends they like my try to help and vote for me. Special THANKS to Frances for her wonderful vote reminders and her funny, sweet and informing pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have in the moment 182 dogs which I love deeply and I try hard to find good homes. When I cannot find a really good home they stay with me and I do my best to offer them the life they deserve!
I invite you to visit my website and read my vision, see photos of all our dogs and of Dogland.
In the name of all my dogs I have in the moment I want to send a very warm THANK YOU.
Kind regards Helene

"Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains un-awakened."

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