Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 was GREAT!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! It's been a busy Christmas!!! WE WON THE SHELTER CHALLENGE!!! Our shelter doors can stay open a while longer!! YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!
We had a GREAT Christmas with good friends and family. Our Christmas eve sunset was spectacular!!!

We had some BEAUTIFUL visitors a few days before Christmas!! They gave us lots of belly rubs!!

We all got treats wrapped in Christmas paper and we got STUFFED TOYS to tear into shreds!!
Laika crawled back under the tree and ate the cat treats!! What a sneak!!
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mark came for dinner and brought us some presents and food to go with the turkey dinner!! They're great folks!! Bro and his girlfriend, Mailene, came and brought Mailenes little girls. Those two youngsters REALLY like us furkids!! Hope your Christmas was as great as ours!!
Here's a link to our 2011 Christmas Video!!

Tailwags!! BudBud

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