Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday Sad day today

Sitka and Sammy go home today!!! I bet Sitka will be glad to see her mom and dad!! We think she had a false pregnancy! She has a "puppy" now (It's really a stuffed whale toy.) She carries with her and she guards it closely. NOBODY is allowed to touch it!! She and Mom snuggle on the porch, then she goes potty and comes right back to her baby. She takes it out of her room and lays on the porch with it and then carries it back to her room.

Today we're all getting blood sucked out of us to test for ehrlichia. Mom says we need to do it. I REALLY don't like needles. I wish they could just maybe look at us and tell. But Mom says that won't work. sigh.................... Anyway, y'all say some prayers that we all test negative, ok?

Yesterday was a very sad day. Splash, the big dog who was so terribly ill, went to the bridge. His family is brokenhearted. Mom was with them and when she got home she had a message saying our Sophia Loren, (one of our Florida rescues) had also gone to the bridge.
Splash had gotten so weak that he could not raise himself up. His liver and kidneys had stopped working. We, and his family, thank you for all the prayers and healing thoughts. It was just not meant to be. He's now running with the angels!!!

Sophia Loren was one of our rescues when we lived in Florida. Mom rescued her from a kill shelter. She had the worlds most beautiful eyes so Mom named her Sophia Loren. She was just as sweet as she was beautiful. She got adopted by a FABULOUS family and lived a wonderful life. She became ill recently and the vets said she would not get better. Yesterday her mom decided to let her go to the bridge.
Mom says they are both running and playing and the angels are chasing them all around the bridge trying to pet them!!! They aren't sick or weak anymore.

Our sunset yesterday evening was breathtaking. Mom says it was a sign from Sophia and Splash telling us they are well and happy again.

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