Monday, December 5, 2011

Sad news today

Sad news today,

The neighbors brought in 4 puppies on Sunday afternoon. They said the mama dog had been dumped and then hit by a car. Mom thinks the puppies were probably born AFTER the mama dog was hit. She must have had the puppies, cleaned them up and then died.

They were very weak and were ice cold when they got here. Their urine was VERY dark so Mom thinks they must have been injured internally when the mama dog got hit. We lost one last night and two more today. Only one is still alive.

Mom gave them all names. Pancho, Ernie, Micky and Morrie. Mom dedicated a sunset to each of them. She says they deserve memorial dedication and at least one good thing in their very short lives.

Mom is really sad. She hates to lose a battle. These puppies would not be dead if the owner had not thrown the mama dog away. They were fat little guys, all boys, and would have been wonderful furkids had not some non-caring human murdered them along with their mama.

Mom says she believes God is watching and humans will be punished for all the evil things they do.

Please say some prayers for little Micky. He's the darkest tan one in the photo. Mom is doing everything she can to save him.

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Sam said...

Your Momma is the best person I know today. We are keeping the pup in our prayers, and will think of them when we look at the sky today.