Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday and we're having a BLAST!!!

All we've gotta do is stay ahead of the other shelters!! Bahamas won a weekly so that means WE can win the international!!! WHOOO HOOO!! THANKS!!! KEEP VOTING FOLKS!! All we have to do now is stay in 2nd place!!!!
Just go to and click on the "shelter challenge" tab. Then click on Costa Rica for the country. That should bring up Lighthouse. Just click VOTE and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.

Our sunsets are back!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! They're REALLY pretty!! Mom's been taking pics of us furkids in the sunset. Out of about 20 shots she might get one really good one. Us perros don't always cooperate. Mom says if we move it messes up the pic so I try to be REAL still...but the others just don't get it. Sigh............

Sarge and Spicy are back!! We're babysitting them!! Spicy got adopted from us a while back and then they took in another street dog for her to have a playmate!! They're two of the SWEETEST furkids we ever met!!!

Mom took pics of the moon last night. It was shining down really pretty on the water in the Gulf Of Nicoya!! She loves how we get to see things like that. The moon isn't even a full moon but it really makes a pretty light on the water.

You folks are the BEST!! You've kept us ahead of the other shelters and now that Bahamas has won a weekly that means we will win if we just stay in 2nd place!! THANK YOU!!! Please keep voting!!


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