Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another sad day

Thank you all so much for all the votes. Please keep voting until the 18th. Just go to www.animalrescuesite.com and click on the "shelter challenge" tab. Then click on Costa Rica for the country. That should bring up Lighthouse. Just click VOTE and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.

Yesterday was a sad day. We lost all the puppies. They just weren't strong enough and all of them had been injured when the pregnant mama was hit by that car. The mama gave birth to the puppies after she was hit. If she had not been dumped by an un-caring owner they would all have been strong, fat, healthy puppies. Mom did everything she could to save them. At least they knew love and warmth before they went to meet their mama.

Mom dedicated a sunset to each of them. She says they deserve recognition as much as anybody even though they were only on this earth for a few hours. To us they are still special.

I know this is not our usual reminder with funny pictures but Mom wants to make sure the puppies are remembered....just like someones much treasured pet.

Please don't forget to vote today. We couldn't do what we do without you.

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