Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday 12-8-11

Hola Y'all!!!

Last night Mom heard the downstairs dogs barking late at night so she ran downstairs to see what was going on. The terriers, who HATE cats, were down at the bottom of the property jumping and barking!! Mom made her way down the steep hill and there was a cat sitting on top of our wall!!! IT"S LUCY!!! The little cat who disappeared a few weeks back!!

Mom and Dad have never stopped looking for her. Mom just KNEW she was somewhere nearby. Mom always called her when she would go outside and was always searching the garage and property. We don't know why Lucy didn't answer and come but NOW SHE'S BACK!!! Mom says at least ONE good thing has happened this week!!!

Mom grabbed her off the wall and climbed back up the hill with her. She got her back up to the clinic room and Lucy was ALL OVER MOM wanting love and FOOD!!! She's really skinny but she seems in good health otherwise. Mom is SOOOOO happy!! Mom keeps going out to the clinic room to love on her. And Lucy just can't GET enough lovin'!!! She must have missed all the snuggling she used to get when she was here.

Laika still hates the little sofa and Mom is trying to figure out a way to make her like it.

All us furkids are doing real good. Playing and running and gettin' loved on. We have toucans in the trees today and it's 72 degrees with a nice breeze. Life is good here.

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