Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday 12/3/11

Duke found an old squeaky toy two days ago and he's obsessed with it!!! He was driving us all crazy with it!! It's REALLY LOUD and he loves to make it squeak!! He played with it for two days and Mom finally was able to get it and hide it!! THANK GOODNESS!!! We were all gettin' headaches!!!

The Christmas winds are really kickin' up right now. They blow HARD!!! We hear them howling all night long and all day long. It dries the clothes real fast and us perros just LOVE standing in it and letting it ruffle our fur!!!

We all got blood sucked out of us night before last. I HATE needles!!! I'm really scared of them.
I remember the shots I have gotten in the arm make me go to sleep and I have a really hard time waking up. So I'm really scared of needles in my arm.

Me and Mom did a video yesterday. Hope you folks enjoy it!! You can see it here!!! Please don't forget to vote!! TAILWAGS!!!!!!!!!!! BudBud

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