Saturday, January 14, 2012

Announcement about the current shelter challenge

Our Joy is not feeling well. She has congestive heart failure and though she's been dealing with it pretty well and taking her medications, recently she is coughing a LOT!! Please say some prayers and send healing thoughts for her ok? She's SUCH a sweetie.

Me and Mom have been talkin' about the new challenge.

Although the rules have changed this time around we are still eligible to compete in this round of voting. BUT!!!!! We think it's time to give another shelter a chance. Hopefully a small shelter like us who is not being funded by other sources.

Usually we could not afford to do this but we got a surprise donation from Tarla and Jill!! They found an abandoned puppy while they were vacationing in Costa Rica, brought it to Mom and then decided to adopt. They did a fund raiser for us at their doggie day care place (The Beloved Dog) in Canada and they raised $1,000.00!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TARLA, JILL and THE BELOVED DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing is, we have not had a lot of rescue kids for this past couple of months so our expenses haven't been so high. There's only 15 of us furkids here right now!!!!!

So we are thinking maybe we should sit this challenge out and give another small, international shelter a chance to win this time.

Mom's reading up on all the shelters in the running and trying to figure out which one to vote for. She says it's hard to know which ones are really in need and which ones are already getting lots of donations from other sources.

We wish there was some way they could let the "funded" shelters run in one contest and the "non-funded" shelters run in another. It seems like it would be more fair for the other small shelters like us.

We DO plan to participate in the next challenge though and hopefully you folks will help us win that one!! We'll probably be running out of funds by then.

Me and the other furkids have been really sick for a few days. Me and little Milana had a horrible day and night of bloody diarrhea and we both got pretty weak. Mom slept on a twin mattress on the floor with all of us for three nights 'cause we were so weak and she was afraid we'd try to get off the big bed and hurt ourselves. All the others were sickly too but not as bad as me and Milana. Some others were throwing up but it wasn't bloody. But we ALL felt real bad. We're all still on medication. We're feeling better now and our appetite is coming back.

Dra. Sharon says it was something called toxoplasmosis. That's a pretty long name. She says we could catch it from bad soy in our dog food, eating bird or cat poop, eating hot dogs or sausages, and lots of other ways.

Mom is almost sure it was a bad batch of food.

The food was NutriSource and it's supposed to be a high quality food but Mom says it may have had bad soy in it.
Now Mom is feeding us cooked rice with chicken and some veggies in it!! WOW!!!!!!!! We LIKE IT!!!! We're all feeling better now. She says she may just try to stop using any of the commercial foods. She says you can't trust what's in it or know where the ingredients came from. Some ingredients comes from China and it's POISON!!!
Mom says they have stopped labeling WHERE stuff is manufactured. They say where it is "distributed" but not where it is made.
Also, even if it's labeled "Made in the US" they still buy their ingredients from places like China. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Mom has been sick too. She had pneumonia last week. She's feeling lots better but she still coughs a LOT!!!

We had a really unique sunset the other day. There were clouds between us and the setting sun and it shined through and lit up one cloud right below us!! It turned the cloud pink!!! Then the cloud drifted away and it all turned into a BEAUTIFUL sunset.

Anyway, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for helping us to win the last challenge and we hope you will vote for us in the next challenge when it rolls around.

BudBud and the whole Lighthouse crew.

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