Monday, January 16, 2012

News fron Lighthouse 1-16-12


Me and Mom are trying to help another Costa Rica shelter get listed on Petfinder so they can be in the challenge. If we can get them listed then maybe we can help them win the grant this time!! Would that be great or WHAT!?!?

Novi, (now Chloe) came to visit the other day. Novi is the orphaned kitten that Nadine fostered for us and then decided to adopt!! She's doin' GREAT!!!

We have company right now from the states!! A high school classmate of Dads is here with her husband!! They're really nice folks and they brought us LOTS of goodies!! And their vet sent us a lot of stuff too!! YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom's not letting us have a lot of the treats they brought yet 'cause all of us dogs here at Lighthouse have been sick for the past week. Mom thinks it might have been a new food she had mixed with our regular food. Me and Milana had one night of constant bloody diarrhea and all the other dogs were really feeling bad too.
Bunny got sick too and we think she may have had another stroke.
Joys congestive heart failure is worse and she is coughing a lot.
Whatever made us all so sick has caused complications for us older furkids. The younger ones are feeling fine now. Us seniors are better but still not great.

You folks say some prayers for us and send healing thoughts too please!!


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