Monday, April 30, 2012

A visit to Aunt Helenes Shelter 4/28/12

Hola Y'all!! Below is another letter from Aunt Helene. Mom and Aunt Shirley had a GOOD time visiting with all the dogs on Sunday and all the dogs seemed to enjoy the attention!! Mom took treats of course and every dog got one.
Aunt Helenes letter says they start giving baths this week. Can you imagine bathing 180 dogs!!??!! 
You can see Aunt Helenes dogs at her web site
Or at 

Here's some pics of that visit!! 

Dear friends of Frances!
Thank you for voting for us. Please we need every day your vote. All my dogs are sending greetings.
My dogs and I had a wonderful weekend with the visit of our big friend Frances. She is such a loving person and all my dogs got very excited being touched from her and getting some cookies. You saw the photos!!!!
I hope so much Frances will visit soon again. I think she likes Dogland!!!!
On Sunday my dogs Violetta and Alfonso had a great day. Their sponsor Gabriella and husband Jorge were visiting us. It was so touching to see my two dogs so happy about all the attention they got.
Today we have two surgeries and we will start this week to give all the dogs a bath again. This will need many, many days.
Please keep voting for us. I thank you from all my heart.
Many hugs Helene

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