Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aunt Helenes Letter 4-26-12

Dear friends of Frances!

Thank you so much for all your support. I really need your vote – every day until 17th of June.

Our two new dogs – Kevin and Johana – are doing well. Please pray for us that we will have tomorrow another wonderful adoption. 

We built two new yards and have nearly always dogs with us while their owners are on vacations. We are offering boarding your dog.
My workers and I are dog lovers and we take really good care of the dog during his stay with us. We have many dog owners they bring us their dog and are very content how we treat the dogs and they love the environment for the dogs.
You can see pictures of our Dogland at -  page “Photos Dogland”. If your dog needs some medicine we are giving him the medicine exactly how he needs it. First of all we give him his own house with bed inside, attention and love and we provide vet service if he would need some.
We are looking for somebody who makes a trip with Condor to Frankfurt/Germany. Our beloved Roy is adopted and his family in Germany is waiting for him but the airline don´t allow that he makes the trip alone. There would be a trip over Atlanta with Delta and Roy could fly alone but the costs for the flight are $ 2.240 (!!!!). I couldn´t believe it. So forget is. Hopefully soon somebody will fly to Germany and takes Roy with him.
We have very windy weather and I am always worried about all the dogs on the street or with bad owners.
We are still leading the challenge but the second shelter is coming closer. Please vote every day for us and help us to win.
All the 180 dogs are sending greetings. Love and hugs Helene

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