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Aunt Helenes Sunday Story

Buenos Dias Y'all!!!

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Here's Aunt Helenes story for Sunday!!!
Dear friends of Frances!
Many times I get an e-mail or a phone call from people visiting Costa Rica and being worried about a dog they have seen in special situations. The problem often is they cannot take him with them home – too short time until their flights back, too long time needed to make the paperwork – we need four months to get the papers for a dog who found his home in Europe.
Two years ago I travelled to Playa Santa Teresa to look for a dog a couple from Germany could not forget. I wanted to help to find the dog, bring him to me, make all the paperwork and send him to Germany (normally after four months). I did this many times.
Arriving Santa Teresa I walked the beach up and down with the photo of the dog in my hand and asking people and looking around. One man told me he knows the dog but has hasn´t seen him for many days. Finally I went to the hotel where the couple from German spent their vacations. Marysol in the reception – a wonderful, kind lady got tears in the eyes when I asked her for the dog and she told me that exactly this dog was adopted one week after the German couple left and lives now with his new family in California. We both were crying for happiness. I asked her for the e-mail from the lady who spent days in her vacations on the phone to get the permission to take the dog home with her.
I traveled back to my dogs and wrote the German couple and they were very happy about the good news. I wrote also to the lady in California. She didn´t answer me and I wrote again:
Dear Audry!
I bag you please write me only three words:  Paco is fine! and I  will never border you again. Thank you.  It would make me happy.
I send you my best wishes, also to your family. Love Helene
This was her wonderful answer:
Hi Helene,
You are very kind to be so concerned about Paco. I am so happy he is loved all over the world. You are a blessing to this world.
Please don't feel like you are a burden or that you are being ignored.  I am not in my email's religiously. :) I would rather be hiking with my dogs. There is only so much time in a day and I choose to be with my family rather than at a computer.:) Its a time thief.

Paco is a very healthy and happy little dog. I will be sending you a photo of the family and updates of Paco. We have been working with a dog trainer since we have been back and he is SO smart. He sits, lays, shakes, heels, goes to his "place", settles down when asked, and we are still working on the  jumping. We walk and hike daily and he loves his Yorkie brother, chihuahua sister, and his two kitties. All the dogs are on an organic raw diet and WOW has his coat changed. We cook there food every morning and evening. It contains meat, veggies, fruits and we add brown rice. We mix this with organic dry food. Paco also LOVES his treats and his toys. They all share a big basket of dogs toys and all day long when we are picking up toys all over the house. He is a dog toy fanatic.
You can no longer see his bones, the whites of his eyes are beautifully bright, and he is flea, tick and parasite free. He will be getting fixed in July and have a chip put it. 
Paco is very loyal and protective and always wants to be touching myself, Ryan, or one of the other animals (sometimes he thinks he is a small dog). At night when we go to bed he snuggles right smack between my husband and I. I end up spooning him more than my husband. When I wake up in the middle of the night Paco is sleeping on his back with his long legs sticking straight up in the air. It is hilarious.
Right now he is on one of the couch's with the Yorkie snuggled up and sleeping. I want his life. hehe!
Let me get some good shots this weekend of all of us together and I promise I will send them to you next week.

Thanks for checking on our little family.
Much love to you,
Audri Geary

I hope you all liked the story which was and is touching my heart. I have still tears in my eyes when I read from Audri: “When I wake up in the middle of the night Paco is sleeping on his back with his long legs sticking straight up in the air”. These are the moments and the stories they let me keep on doing what I do.
Please allow me to ask you to keep voting for me. Frances is worried that we are losing ground. She has the experience. I would need your vote every day until 17 of June.
Thank you with all my heart. Love. Helene

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