Monday, April 23, 2012

Aunt Helenes story Tuesday 4-24-12

Hola Y'all!! 
It feels really good to be back to blogging on a regular basis. Mom says I talk too much but I can't help it. I've just got a lot to say!!
Delilah is back on a diet!! In my opinion Lluvia needs to go on a diet too. She's sorta...ummmmm...pudgy.

 WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! You folks are FANTASTIC!!!! You're still keeping Aunt Helene in the lead!! She's AMAZED!!! Mom explained to her that it's REAL important to get as many good friends voting as possible so she's working really hard to get all her friends to vote!!

Here's her letter for Tuesday.
Dear friends of Frances!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am aunt Helene but I think you already know this. :-) 
I am the lucky one Frances is supporting. She knows that I have many dogs – in the moment 181 – and I am very delicate with adoptions. I love every single dog and I cannot let him go if I am not sure the new home offers him a better life than I can give him. We have large doggie yards of 3-6 dogs and they sleep in small houses. In each yard with concrete on where they can run around and play there is a big table with benches and above the table there is a metal umbrella. They love to be on the table above this umbrella when there is a lot of sun or when it is lightly raining. It looks so relaxing.
I have to buy their food, to pay the Vet bill, medicine, to pay people that are helping me and much more. Not much left for me but when  they are happy I am happy too. But there is for sure a limit I cannot go over – space and money are not endless.
We had this year – for us – many adoptions:
Esmeralda (Belén – her name now is Esme), Josue (San Juan de San Ramón – his name is now Cukie), Daniel (Tres Rios – his name now is Rem), Maricella and Tatjana (together in San Ramón), Anabella (Alajuela), Cindarella and Ronny (sister and brother, together adopted in Playa Tamarindo) and Lina (Vancouver,Canada) – 10 until now and we have not even 4 months into the year.
I wish I could find many good places for my dogs – one is more beautiful than the other. What is the reason to buy a dog when you have the possibility to get one of these amazing and unique dogs?
You can see the photos of nearly all the dogs in – on the page “Our beloved dogs”. Please take  a look and I hope you like the photos.
I am telling this all to you to let you know about the place you are supporting with your votes. Frances explains, we have to be careful not to lose ground and we should get as many votes we can.
Thank you for voting for me and my beloved dogs. I send you my best wishes and all my love. Helene

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