Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lots Going On At Lighthouse

Hola Y'all!!!
We've got lots of news. Some happy and some not happy. We've been pretty busy here at Lighthouse so it has been a while since we posted anything.

We lost our precious furgirl, Bunny. She was the "special" puppy mill pom who had been the light of our life for 14 years.  She was born in a puppy mill where several litters contracted distemper. The mill owners threw all the "damaged goods" into a ditch to die because they couldn't sell them. 
Someone found Bunny on a pile of dead puppies and brought her to us. Due to the distemper she was brain damaged. She had peripheral vision only and she had a spinal deformity. But none of that slowed her down. Once she was feeling better she became the happiest, smartest little furkid in the world. 
She passed away Thursday, April 19th and we all miss her like crazy. Our light has faded and our world is sort of dark right now. She was the BEST!!!! She will be missed!!!
Mom did a memorial video. You can see it at

Thanks to you guys we won the last shelter challenge!!! YOU FOLKS ROCK!!! THANK YOU!!
THIS TIME we've decided to try to help another shelter to win!!!  
Aunt Helene has a shelter in San Ramon and, like us, she gets no outside funding. She has LOTS of dogs and really needs to win the shelter challenge!!
Just go to
and click on the vertical tab "shelter challenge." Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search and l
ook for "Asociacion Elena - Perros que ME encontraron
Click on that and click VOTE and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!!!! The next time you go to the vote site there should be a little thing at the bottom of the vote thing that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit." All ya gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't even have to do a search anymore.

She will be sending us one story a day about one of her dogs. We'll be posting it here on my blog so everybody can come read it!! If you want to visit her site you can go to

Mom is raising an orphaned squirrel and he is almost ready to be released. He's a cute little guy and really piggie. Mom says she hopes there's enough fruit trees in Costa Rica to keep him happy!!! Our little friend, Lucy, came to visit and Mom let him out of his cage to meet her. His name is Jaime!!!

Mom also rescued a baby owl!! Some kids in our village found it and brought it to Mom. It was really skinny and pretty weak. Mom named him Doc,fattened him up, got him healthy and then took him to a rehab place for baby owls!!  The vet there tells us he is doing GREAT!!! Here's a pic!!

OH!!! And we found a hummingbird nest in the driveway. It had fallen out of the tree in our yard. We had all been watching the mama hummingbird while she raised her babies. After they left the nest the wind blew it out of the tree. 
It was made of DOG FUR!!!!!! How neat is that??? Us dogs shed the fur and the birds pick it up and make a nest out of it!! Sort of like recycling!! I think we should call it "Habitat For Hummingbirds!!!" 
Don't forget to vote for Aunt Helene!!!


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