Friday, November 4, 2011

WOW!! It's Been A While!!

Hola Y'all!!!

MAN!!! Things have been so crazy around here we haven't had a chance to update my blog in FOREVER!!!! Now we've got a little breather so I'm gonna get Mom to type this up for me while we can!!

We've had lots of furkids in residence this past few weeks. Some were rescues and some are just being baby sat.

We had some sad things happen this past week. Our Dondi, a beautiful eskie we rescued many years ago, went to the bridge. Dondi was rescued from a puppy mill in Camdenton Missouri. He was the most scared eskie Mom had ever rescued. It took him weeks to come out of his crate on his own. He fell in love with Mom but he never could get over his fear of Dad. Dad must have looked or sounded like the people who abused him in the puppy mill. So Mom found the worlds best mom for him and he's been happy ever since!! But he got really old and he couldn't walk anymore.

We've rescued a few in the past few weeks and then there was a kitten we couldn't save. She was hit by a car. Mom took her to the vet but she was broken too badly. We were all pretty sad about that. Mom named her Liela and told her she loved her. Then she and Dr. Sharon helped her go to the bridge.

We're baby sitting for a beautiful Husky girl who doesn't really get along with us so Mom and Dad are having to play "musical dogs." When we go out, Sitka, the husky, has to go in her room. Then we come back in and Sitka gets to be out. But today!!!! Bro brought Henry to visit!! Henry is a lab/retriever mix and he's BIG!!
We let Sitka out with him and they PLAYED!!!!!!
Henry really likes it here 'cause he gets to run loose in our big ol' yard!!
Mom told Bro it's time to get Henry "fixed" so they're gonna make an appointment for him.
Mom did a video and pics of all of us!!

Turley, a crazy little street dog came to stay with us for awhile and she REALLY livened things up around here!! We called her "WILD CHILD!!"

We're in another shelter challenge and hoping to win it but we're pretty far behind the Bahamas shelter which is in 1st place. All our buddies are voting though so we're hoping to gain some ground.
We won the last shelter challenge!! YAAAYYY!! Thanks to all who voted!!!

The Bahamas shelter has students in the U.S. colleges voting in their computer labs so they are getting LOTS of votes. If you guys know of any colleges who could do the same thing for us that would be GREAT!!!

It's rainy season here so none of us have had baths for a while. We'd never get dry!!! Mom says as soon as we have a few sunny days we're all gonna get baths!!!
Most of us love our baths so we're all looking forward to it!!

That's the update for now!! We'll try to do better and post more often!!

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