Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lighthouse 11-26-11

You folks are the BEST!!! PLEASE keep voting!! We can still win this!!!
Just go to and click on the "shelter challenge" tab. Then click on Costa Rica for the country. That should bring up Lighthouse. Just click VOTE and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.

SPLASH IS BETTER!!!!!! He's up this morning and moving around some. He has no fever and is no longer dehydrated!!! The prayers and healing energy are working folks!!! Please keep praying!! He's MUCH better but not out of the woods yet. He's on an I.V. drip so his mom and dad stayed up with him all last night so he couldn't move around too much and mess up the I.V.
Bro took Poas, (his dobie) to the vet Thanksgiving day to give blood for Splash. They took a LOT of her blood cause Splash is a BIG BIG dog!!!
The vet had to anesthetize Poas to get her blood cause she wouldn't be still for them. When she got home her little lab brother, Henry, was real upset and worried over her all that night. He stayed right with her.
She's fine now though and now SPLASH IS BETTER!!!!

Perla went home yesterday. I'll bet she sure is lonesome!!! She sure loves to play and she's an only dog right now.

I fell out of bed this morning!! It scared Mom REAL bad!! She's even thinking about cutting the legs off her bed so it will be lower. I'm ok but it hurt my leg when I fell. Mom's lovin' on me a lot and makin' a fuss over me.

Sitka LOVES the sunsets!! She sits out on the corner and watches them. She's such a sweetie when she wants to be. But other times she acts kinda ugly. So none of us are allowed to be out when she's out. Her little partner, Sammy, gets to be out with her but the rest of us have to stay inside.

Don't forget to check out our calendars and book at the links below!! They'll make neat Christmas presents and you're gonna need a new calendar anyway cause it's almost 2012!!!

Thanks again for all the votes!!! Please vote again today!!!

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