Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday happenings

Well we got LOTS of guesses about who the shaved furkid is!! Four people guessed right!!!!! So we're attaching an "after and before" pic so you guys can see!!!
Mom says she would NEVER have thought a poms ears were that big!!! 'Course we don't tell Delilah that. We just keep telling her it makes her eyes look bigger!!
But we're all wonderin' if OUR ears are that big too!!!
Mom says next time she's gonna get Alejandro to leave it a little longer and to not trim her face. WMFWB!!!

Little Novi, the orphaned kitten is doin' GOOD!!! Nadine says she is eating real good and is pooping good too. Nadine told us yesterday that, after she fed Novi with the bottle, she held her up close to her face. Novi looked her right in the eye and purred!!! Nadines' heart melted and she said, "My other kitty just might be getting a new sister." When she said that Novi reached out one tiny paw and touched Nadines face.

are the great moments, Y'all. That's when you realize what rescue is all about. That first, trusting touch.
It makes it all worthwhile.
Careful Nadine, it's addictive!!

Aunt Crystal and Uncle Matthew are out cruisin' around Costa Rica!! We think they are at Volcano Arenal right now!! Yesterday was Aunt Crystals birthday and she posted that Uncle Matthew got a group of Ticos to sing happy birthday to her!!! In Costa Rica they sing "CumpleaƱos feliz" instead of "Happy birthday."

You guys have a great Thursday and don't forget to vote!!!


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