Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday 11/11/11 at Lighthouse

Aunt Crystal and Uncle Matthew will be back today!! WAGWAGWAGWAG!!! They've been out seeing some of Costa Rica!!! We sure hope they like it!!! When they got here the other day Aunt Crystal had almost a WHOLE SUITCASE full of furkid stuff for us!! Treats, toys, kerchiefs, and all kinds of neat stuff!!!!

Perla, Laikas daughter, is staying with us again. Her dad went to the states to get married!!! He's bringing his bride back here in a couple of weeks. She LOVES Perla!!! So now Perla is gonna have a dad AND a mom!!!

We don't have any water this morning. That happens sometimes. The water lines here sometimes break and they have to shut it off to fix it. The lines are usually just plastic and they lay on top of the ground in most places. Now and then they get broke.

Mom just can't believe it's almost Christmas!!! She says this year has gone by really fast. Us perros hadn't noticed that but if Mom says it it must be true.
If you're looking for the perfect Christmas presents for an animal over be sure to check out our stuff at We've got two calendars and a book on there and of course us furkids are the stars!!!

And there's another calendar at Our friend Brad did that one for us!! Mom uses all the money to take care of Lighthouse kids. We might even get extra TREATS!!!!!

You folks have a GREAT Friday!! Wag more than you bark and don't bite anybody unless they really need it!!


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