Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday 11-12-11

Uncle Matthew and Aunt Crystal are off again to see some more of Costa Rica!! They're headed for the beaches this time!! They brought back lots of great pics from seeing the volcano and swimming in water falls!!! We're SOOOOO glad they came to Costa Rica!!! We're really enjoying them!!!!

Aunt Nadine says little Novi is doin' GREAT!! She's eating, pooping and learnin' to love. Mom says that's what it's all about. Makin' life better for something or someone weaker than ourselves.

Our Delilah got a little chilly last night. She actually slept in our big bed with us!! Mom moved over and made some room for her and she just snuggled right in amongst the 8 of us. She's always been the independent type and would only get on the bed for lovin' but then jump back down to sleep in the chair. She seems really happy with her haircut though and is bouncing around like a puppy in the daytime!!

We're still playn' musical dogs with Sitka. She seems happy with her inside porch space and she gets to run in the yard with Sammy most of the day. Turley is coming back tomorrow for a couple of days so Sitka will have TWO playmates!!

The sun is shinin' and we're only getting rain in the afternoon now!! It's GREAT!!! Mom makes Delilah stay out of the sun though cause she's afraid she'll get a sunburn.

Sunshiny tailwags!!

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