Thursday, November 17, 2011


HOLA Y'all!!!!!

We're still hoping to win this challenge!!! Thank you ALL for all the votes!!!!!!! Please keep on voting and get your friends to vote!!
Just go to and click on the "shelter challenge" tab. Then click on Costa Rica for the country. That should bring up Lighthouse. Just click VOTE and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.

We had four GREAT volunteers yesterday!!!! Delilah, Mieko, Juliette, Laika, Perla, and Lluvia all got baths!!!! They are all teenagers from the states and are down here doing volunteer work!!!
Tomorrow we have 4 more coming.....IF the girls that were here today can't talk them into switching with them. The ones who were here yesterday REALLY want to come back today!!
I'm sure it's because I was such a charmer!!! WAGWAGWAG!!!!

One of them wanted to adopt ALL of us!! WMFWB!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt.)

Novi went to the vet today and got worm medicine!! The vet said Nadine can start adding a little soft cat food to her formula cause she's getting TEETH!!!!!
YOU GO NOVI!!!!!!!!!

Dudley (originally Johnny) is back to be baby sitted along with his sister and brother Dahma and Duke!! His casts are off and he is doing really good. It still hurts him when he jumps down off anything. And there is NO way to keep him off things. HE'S A TERRIER after all!!! Mom and Dad are trying to keep him on the floor but there's NO WAY!!!!
He came here as a REALLY tiny puppy with his sister Rosemary. They both got adopted by PERFECT families!!

The valley was full of clouds a couple days ago and it looked like a BIG, SOFT pillow!!! Mom had to take pics of course.'s almost time for the new volunteers to get here!! PLEASE don't forget to vote!! We can still win this!!!!!


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