Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday 11-23-11

We're gettin' ready for Thanksgiving here. Mom and Dad and us fuzzbutts are celebratin' here at the house. Dad's gone to buy a turkey breast and stuff. Us perros and gatos are gonna get TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAGWAGWAGWAGWAG!!!!

I got sick last night so Mom was up with me most all night. She looks after me real good when I feel bad. We don't know what made me sick. I just started hacking and gagging and then threw up some. Then Mom let me lay on the cool floor for a little while and I got to feeling a little better. But then I had something Mom calls "reflux" and I didn't actually throw up but all of a sudden liquid would just POP OUT of my mouth!! It happened a few times and Mom ran downstairs and got some medicine she used to give Crystal for reflux. It must have worked cause I got to feeling better finally and me and Mom got back on our pillow and got a little sleep. It was probably 4:00 by then so we did get about 4 hours sleep.

You folks say some prayers ans send some healing thoughts for me please.

Everybody else is doing fine!! Mom feels better too!!

HEY!!! It's almost Christmas and almost a new year!!! You're gonna need gifts for your friends and family and of course you'll need new calendars!!!
Don't forget we've got 2012 calendars and a funny book somebody might like for a Christmas present!!!

You can review them and order them at

and Uncle Brad made one for us at

We get a little bit from each one that sells!! Mom uses all the money to help us furkids!!

If you folks in Costa Rica want one Mom has a few here for sale. Aunt Kay has some at her place too!! Shipping from the states to Costa Rica is WAY high!!

Thanks again for all the votes and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!!!


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