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Message from BudBud at the Rainbow Bridge

15 year old Mr BudBud left us for the bridge on the 11th day of October, 2012. 
This was the message from him a couple of days later.
This photo was taken the morning of the night he left us.
We miss him terribly.
Mom, (Frances)

WOW OH WOW OH WOW!!!!! You folks should see the view from here!!! I thought we had the best view EVER in Costa Rica but this.......THIS!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!! 
I can see the WHOLE WORLD from here!!!!

Did I mention I've moved??? Yep!!! on Thursday, 10-11-12, I started a whole new adventure!!! My angel came for me!!!!!

She's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

I had had a really good day and Mom was so happy to see me smiling and getting around so good.
She took a pic of me and I'm attaching it to this email.

About 8:30 PM my left front leg started hurting REAL REAL bad!!!
Mom noticed right away 'cause I was holding my foot up really high and then I would chew at my foot!! She could tell I was in some pretty bad pain even though I wasn't crying or anything.

Mom figured something had stung me on my foot so she grabbed me up and checked but she couldn't find anything.

I was still hurting really bad so she and Dad took me in the clinic room and took a closer look at my foot. Still nothing.

Mom got on the floor with me and was trying to comfort me and she realized I could not stand up so good and I was having trouble breathing. She called Dr. Sharon and Dr. Sharon promised to meet us, right away, at her clinic.

Me and Mom and Dad got in the car and took off!!!
Mom was holding me in her arms and talking in my ear the whole time telling me, "It's ok BudBud. Mama's got her boy. Mama loves her BudBud."

We got to the clinic in no time and Dr. Sharon started an I.V. and then gave me a shot to calm me down 'cause I was pretty agitated. Then she gave me another shot to help me breathe a little better, but I kept getting worse.

After about 30 minutes Dr. Sharon finally told Mom there was nothing more she could do. She said I was having a heart attack and she couldn't help me.

Mom could see I was REALLY in distress so she told Dr. Sharon to help me go.

Mom was still talking low in my ear the whole time telling me she loved her boy and that it was ok to go if I needed to.
That was a HUGE relief for me 'cause I didn't want to upset Mom and Dad but I really did need to leave.

Dr. Sharon gave me another shot and I went to sleep REAL quick.

All of a sudden I see this HUGE BEAUTIFUL light and then my good eyesight came back and I could SEE!!!

I was on TOP OF A RAINBOW!!!!

And guess who came running, fast as lightening and straight as an arrow, across that rainbow to greet me?!?

I could see Ebony standing on the other end of the bridge, smiling and waggin' her tail!! She's the one who sent Bunny to meet me so I could see how good Bunny could run!!!

Ebony is taking care of all of us REAL good!!

She ran like the wind!!!! And she could see me PERFECTLY!!! She didn't run in circles or anything!!! She ran STRAIGHT TO ME!!!! She kissed me all over my face and told me "C'MON BUDBUD!!! Everybody's waiting!!!"

AND I COULD HEAR HER!!!! I'm not deaf anymore!!!

EVERYBODY was on the other side of that bridge!!! Ebony, Krystal, little Me, ShaSha, Peaches, Zipper, Neesie, Soldier, Cat, Don Gato....EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!
Even dogs and cats and other animals I had never met but had heard Mom talk about!!! AND I KNEW THEM ALL BY NAME!!!!!!
I can tell you there was LOTS of waggin', barking, meowing, moo'ing, oinking and EVERYTHING goin' on!!!!

This place is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a kazillion miles of green, grassy fields with little rivers and lakes of fresh, cool water tumbling around. There are soft beds for everybody and we NEVER get hungry!!!

And GET THIS!!! When it rains....nobody gets wet!!! We all feel it and enjoy it but it just goes away...poof!!! When we want snow it just starts falling on us and it turns into ice cream when it hits the ground!!!!! Even though we're not hungry we still love to taste it!!!

Did you folks know this bridge goes ALL THE WAY AROUND the earth??? It's HUGE!!!! And OH YEAH!! When you folks see a rainbow from down there it's not really an arc. You're just only seeing part of it!! It's ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!!

There's even ticks and fleas and stuff here but GUESS WHAT!! Since none of us ever get hungry...they don't bite us!!! We're all friends and we even play together!!!

We can see ALL the stars at one time!!! You folks have no idea how many stars there are!!!! We can see the moon and the sun ALL THE TIME and we can see ALL THE WORLDS from here....but earth is the one we all look at the most!!

The moon is ALWAYS a FULL moon!! And when it shines on this rainbow HOLY HORSE POOP!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!! Just wait'll you see it!!!!! OH!! And there's horse poop and cow poop and even giraffe poop here for us to roll in!!! But we are the only ones who can smell it and it doesn't make us look dirty!!!

You folks aren't gonna believe this!!! Up here the sun is BLUE!!!!!!!!!!! And it's not hot!!!! It's just really a nice "warm" and sometimes it sends some rays down here to the rainbow so we can run through them and play!!!

We keep a very close watch on the bridge all the time watching for you!! If we happen to be playing at the time, or bouncing on a cloud, or chasing an angel...a little bell rings in our ear to let us know you are arriving!!! How neat is that!!!

There are these really neat things called angels here and they play with us ALL the time!!!! If they're not playing with us they are sitting around petting us and scratching us behind our ears and on our rumps or tickling our bellies and under our chin!!!!
Sometimes they fly around through the rainbow and stir it all up!!! It makes LITTLE "rainbow tumble weeds." All us kids laugh about that.

Some of the "special" kids, like Bunny, get WINGS right away!! You ought to see her dive bombing us and giggling!! What a little stinker she is. But mostly she uses her brand new legs to run and run.

The rest of us get our wings more slowly. You a feather at a time. (They kinda tickle at first) We don't really NEED wings 'cause the angels fly us anywhere we want to go...but the wings add a nice touch. :-)

And we all get to bounce around on the clouds!!! They're kinda hard to describe. Nothing at all like what they look like from down there!! Up here they are not all white. The rainbow bridge reflects on them and their colors change CONSTANTLY like those turning light thingys we had at Christmas!!!


ALL of us are young and happy and healthy!!! Nobody has any aches or pains.

One of the angels let me watch Mom and Dad the day after I came here. There's a quiet place, near one of the lakes, where we can go sit in the shade with the angels and see you really clear. It's like we're right there in the room with you!!

Mom and Dad really loved my old shell. They took it to another vet.
Mom held it and cried into it's fur and called it her BudBud, her Boy for a long time before she handed it over to the young man. Then they went up some stairs to a room with a furnace thing in it and the man showed Mom that it was clean and empty before he laid my shell in there.

Then he turned it on and told Mom and Dad to come back in about three hours and they could take my ashes back home with them.

Mom held my ashes in her lap all the way home. She put them in a really pretty urn and put them on the same spot where our Ebonys ashes are.She's gonna put a picture of me on the urn just like on Ebonys urn.

Could you folks kinda watch out for Mom and Dad please? I told Mom all this stuff last night and told her how good I feel and how Ebony is taking care of me so she already knows......but she still cries a lot...Dad does too.
They need lots of prayers.

Anyway....y'all don't worry about us fur/feather/fin kids up here at the bridge. We're all waiting for you to get here but we're having a ball so take your time!!!
The angels told us today that we left a little piece of our spirits down there with you folks to stay beside you and help you.
They say you will ALWAYS have that little piece with you forever and ever until you come up here to join us.

And guess what else!!! Each of us got to bring ONE THING with us. It's a little piece of each heart that loved us when we lived on the earth. Some of us only have one piece but lots of us have a WHOLE STRING of them!!! They shine like diamonds!!!! Wait'll you SEE!!!! And when we see a kid with no piece of anyones' heart we all share a little piece with them so they end up with more pieces than anyone else!!

All the kids here are beggin' me to "SEND LOVE TO MY FOLKS TOO!" so here's YOUR message!!! They send a bazillion kisses and tailwags and purrs and licks and head snuggles. They say to tell you when you feel that tiny, whispy breeze on just your neck, that's them sending you a kiss from the bridge.

Tailwags from a REALLY happy, healthy, young BudBud

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