Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Day To Vote!!! 4-28-13


Mom and Dad went to a wedding yesterday and they say it was really pretty. Mom took some pics of course. 
Calvin and Mariana tied the knot!! Mom says she wishes them all the happiness in the world.

And we all got treats this morning!!! Joy got hers and wanted a second one so she just stood there with the first one in her mouth....waiting.
Mom relented and gave her a second treat. It took her a minute to figure out how to get the second treat in her mouth with the first one still there...but she managed!!

The Boyero festival is today!!! Mom says maybe one or two of us can go with them to see it!!
"Boyero" means ox driver. And they have these HUGE critters pulling these pretty, painted carts!!! Those carts sure look heavy!! They're all made out of wood and they still use them here in the sugar cane and palm fields!!
The kids perform with dances and stuff and everybody has a good time!! 
One year our BudBud even got to ride a HORSE!!!!! (Mom's including the pic!!)

We don't know about that ridin' a horse stuff....BudBud was pretty brave....we might think about it but .....hmmmmmm.....those horses are pretty HUGE!!!

Please don't forget to vote today!!! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!!!
Tailwags from the whole Lighthouse Crew!!

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