Friday, April 26, 2013

A New Message From BudBud

Thank you ALL for all the sweet notes about BudBud. I still cry but not constantly like at first. Probably only a couple hundred times a day now. :-)
His messages come in little bits and pieces and I try to take notes and then put them all

together to send out.
He was quiet for a couple of days and I was wondering what was going on. Funny, I didn't "worry" but just "knew" that there must be a reason. Y'all know what a worrier I am. So it was a new experience for me NOT to be worried.
The photo is another one I took his last day with us.
Here is BudBuds most recent message. It's a long one.
Thanks again,
Hugs and prayers,
BudBuds Mom

Hola Mom,

I haven't sent a message for a few days. I bet you were wondering what happened huh? You're used to me talking pretty  much non-stop so I bet the silence was deafening!! wagwagwag!!!

A couple of the "special angels" came and got me and our Ebony a few days ago and told us to come with them. I was a little worried 'cause I figured I maybe did something wrong and was gettin' called on the carpet...but our Ebony was real cool about it and told me not to worry and just come along like the angels said. (I'm pretty sure this is one of her regular jobs and she took me along to teach me how to do it.) 

They took us over to the "unclaimed" area where the "unwanted-on-earth" kids usually hang out. 
It's not like they can't hang out anywhere they want but they just kind of stick together 'cause they never learned about love on earth and it's a little strange to them.

There was all kind of kids there. Some were babies, some were just a few years old and some were old like I used to be. There were dogs, cats, cows, horses, deers, lions, birds, fish and EVERYTHING!!!! They weren't actually "sad" but you could tell something was missing. I knew right away the missing thing was love.

The angels sat down and just let our Ebony take over explainin' what "love" means.

I felt kind of bad 'cause I ALWAYS had love and these kids didn't even know what it I just kind of sat down in an angel lap and listened to our Ebony while she explained it to them.

Our Ebony called them all into a circle. (It was a BIG circle 'cause there's lots of them!!!)
The little bitty ones kinda snuggled up to her 'cause she is so warm and she just glows so WHITE up here!! She looks like a really warm light.
One little goat that had not even been born yet on earth snuggled right up against her warm tummy.

She started telling them about how some humans don't know how to love. They haven't learned how. She told them there is a thing on earth called "money" and some humans never learn about love 'cause all they ever want is that "money" thing. We call them the "sad humans."
(By the way, Mom..."money" is a bad word up here so we don't get to say it unless we're explainin' something to new kids.)

She told them we need to feel sorry for those people 'cause they will never know the real happiness that love can bring them. She said some of them don't even love other humans. All they want is m

oney and the more they get...the more they want!!! 

After she told them about how they should feel sorry for the sad humans...she told them that love is a SUCH beautiful thing...kind of like a blue sunbeam and rainbows all mixed up together!!!! It's in the hearts of all the GOOD humans and of course ALL us animals have TONS of it stored up in us!!!! She said animals have more love in them than all the humans in the world!! She said some of them just never get the chance to give it to anyone or anything.

She said the good humans are all working to try to make it so that there are no more unwanted animals. She said the good humans are trying to stop the puppy mills and kitten mills and backyard breeders from making babies. 

(I remember you talking about those places Mom and I remember a lot of our rescue kids were from those places)

She says the good humans are trying to tell other good people about not buying animals from pet stores and that the animals there all come from horrible, nasty places. They're asking people to please get their pets fixed so that "accidents" don't happen and make more unwanted babies.
She said they're trying to stop all the cruelty and neglect and to stop all the people who are using animals to make money or hurting them for money or even just for fun.

You should have heard her, Mom!! She was BRILLIANT!!!!!

The kids were all sitting there bein' SO good and really listening to her 'cause she talks so sweet.
Mom, her voice is like MUSIC!! And guess what!!! She always says, "Hey Baby, it's gonna be ok now," to each one in that soothing voice and it sounds just like when YOU used to say it to the new kids!!

Then she told them she had a surprise for them!! She told them they had ALWAYS had humans who loved them!!!!
They all got really excited about that!!! They were jumping around and barking...real happy like!!!
Then they all stopped.......and just looked at her with the obvious question in their eyes. "Who loved us?"

Our Ebony had the BESTEST answer...HECK!! I should have thought of it!!!! She sure is SMART!!!!

She said, "Animal rescue people and animal lovers all over the world loved you before you were even born!! They ALWAYS loved you!! Even if they never saw you they still had TONS of love in their hearts for each one of you!! They were able to rescue some of you...and they do the very best they can to rescue ALL of you....but there's just too many. But even though they didn't get to you in time doesn't mean they didn't love you!! You ALWAYS had love. And when those people come here each of you will get to go with them to be their special baby forever."

Mom I wish you could've seen how happy that made 'em!! They were jumpin' around and dancing happy dances and barkin' and woooo woooin'!!!

Most of those kids ran up and almost drowned her with sloppy kisses and they stirred up a real whopper of a breeze with their tail waggin'!!! Clouds and rainbow pieces were flyin' everywhere!!! Even the angels wings were flappin' in that breeze. The angels liked it though and laughed and laughed.

Then she called me over and we both passed out tiny pieces of OUR pieces of the hearts we wear!! (She's got THOUSANDS of pieces!!)
EVERY kid got a piece!!!

You would have been SOOOO proud of our Ebony Mom. You always LOVED seein' the unwanted ones find out about love!!

When we went back to our cloud place all the kids gave our Ebony a waggin' ovation!! They had all been watching from their clouds and heard what she told the new kids.

She told me that we will probably have to go back there in a few days 'cause there's ALWAYS a lot of new, unwanted-on-earth kids comin' in. She says next time she's gonna let ME do the talkin'.
I think that'll be fun!! I do love to talk and now I know the answers!!! Our Ebony promised to go with me though.

All the kids up here have "jobs" and each job is REAL important!! The angels always help us though so we don't mess up. Some of the kids here are really hyper and they get distracted pretty easy. The angles just pick up where they left off and finish their jobs for them. Nobody ever gets in trouble.
They all send HUGE tailwags and kisses. They say they will send rainbows and sunsets whenever they can!!! Watch for them!!

OH!!! And we get to visit you once in a while. The angels tell us you might catch a glimpse of us or hear our toenails clicking on the floor, or hear a scratch at the door, or maybe hear our bark. They say that little bit of spirit we left with you will mold itself into the little spot where we took that little piece of your heart and it won't hurt quite so bad.

Gotta go Mom. I know you miss me but please don't be too sad. It's great up here and we're all happy and healthy.
It looks like I'm gonna have a pretty important job helpin' our Ebony welcome the unwanted-on-earth kids.

Did I tell you the angels gave me a star on one of my feathers?? It looks really good and I'm keepin' it shiny!!
Our Ebony told me that was really special!!
She and I snuggle together a lot. It feels a lot like when I snuggled with you.

We'll wait as long as it takes Mom. Take your time and keep rescuing those babies.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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