Friday, April 26, 2013

Spanky Went To Be With BudBud 11-9-12

Hello Everyone,
I'm typing through tears again. This morning I found Spanky (the burn cat) laying in his favorite sunning place. He was only semi-conscious. There were no bite marks or injuries on his body.
I rushed him to the vet and when he found that Spanky had a VERY low body temp, thready pulse, and that his heart was very weak, he told us there was nothing he could do. Spanky was simply ready to go. That's how Spanky was. He always did things his way.
Spanky was never in any pain and seemed to be just going to sleep. We brought him home and he died here, peacefully by my side while I petted him and sang to him his "Spanky" song and kept reminding him he was my handsome boy. I could hear BudBud whispering in my ear the whole time, "Mom? Are you alright? Mom?"
Spanky had a very rough start in life. You can read his story here, but he has been a joy to us ever since we rescued him 13 years ago.
Even after this horrible atrocity Spanky never gave up on humans. He just KNEW that there was good in all of them. He never let the opportunity to be loved get passed him. He thought he was a dog and would come when called. If dogs ran at him barking he would just stand there as if to say, "A CAT??? WHERE???" No dogs ever hurt him because he refused to run from them. It confused the dogs so much they just ran up to him and stopped. He was VERY loved. He adopted Sophia, the three legged kitten, and he was her "Mama" from then on.
He has lived a wonderful life and was always the "greeter" here at the shelter. He loved every person who came here and always greeted them with total trust and love.
He is now at the bridge with BudBud and all the others.

Message from BudBud:
MOM!!! Spanky's here and safe and YOU OUGHT TO SEE HIM!!! Man!!! I almost didn't recognize him!! His eyes aren't even slanted anymore and he's got EARS!! And NO SCARS!!! And he just SHINES!!!!!!!!
I ran across to greet him 'cause I knew he was coming. I was watching ever since you found him this morning. We hear things like that and go right quick to help. Did you know when hearts break we can hear them??? They sound like crystal hitting the floor and shattering.
Are you alright Mom? I know this was a pretty big shock but you know Spanky. "HIS way when HE says so."
He's happy Mom. And we're all happy to see him. Don't worry. We love you Mom.

Second message from BudBud:
MOM....Spanky has got the angels all confused!! As soon as he got here he ran over and started hanging out with the dogs!! The angels all ran over real quick and tried to tell him where the cats hang out. I mean....we all can be anywhere we want to be but we just kinda hang with our own y'know.

Some of the dogs here "enjoy" chasing cats so they still get to do it here but they can't hurt them.
The angels tell us some of the cats actually enjoy the chase too and they are the only ones who get chased.

But they can't figure Ol' Spanky out!! wagwagwag!!!
He's so new they hadn't had a chance to find out if he likes being chased or not. When he came running over to the dog area they all kinda didn't know what to do!!

The "chaser" dogs all went running at Spanky...the angels were all fluttering around trying to head off a free for all...and know Spanky...he just turned around and looked at those dogs with that "look" he had. You know. The one that says, "What in the heck are you guys barking at?"
It was hilarious Mom!!! You would have laughed SOOOO hard!! The dogs all stopped and looked at Spanky like he was crazy. Then Spanky walked over and LICKED ONE OF THEM ON THE NOSE!! WMFWB!!!!!! It was SOOO funny!!
The angels are all laughing now and it sounds like little tiny bells ringing!!
We love you Mom

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