Friday, April 26, 2013

Juliette Joins The Love Of Her Life

Our sweet, 15 year old Juliette went home to her BudBud yesterday. Mom was very torn about it because she KNEW Juliette was ready but in the past couple of days, when it started getting worse, she could not "read" Juliettes' thoughts. 
She didn't know if Juliette wanted help going to the bridge or if she wanted to go on her own. 
She and Dad took Juliette to the vet yesterday morning and talked to her. She said it takes dogs a long time to die from kidney failure. She said they just get weaker and weaker and, even though they are usually not in any pain, it is not pleasant for them. She said it can't be "repaired" or "cured." It is due to the heart medication Juliette has been on.
Mom and Dad decided to go ahead and let her go to BudBud. She passed away with that sweet smile still on her face.
Mom got a message from BudBud right away saying, "Mom, Juliettes mind hasn't 'been there' for several days. She COULDN'T tell you. I kept watch over her and she wasn't in any pain...but she was definitely ready to come to me. You did good Mom and Dad. She's here and she's SOOOOO happy!! 
I can't take one step without her kissing me and rolling those big eyes of hers. She's still that same prissy, little lady just like she was there. Catch ya later Mom."

Mom still can't really talk about it a lot.

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