Sunday, September 30, 2012

WE WON!!! 9-30-12

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! Did we get behind on our blogging or WHAT?? Sorry Y'all. It's been pretty hectic here and Mom just hasn't had time to sit down long enough to blog for me!!!

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You folks did it!!! We won the $1,000.00 Shelter Challenge Grant!!! That'll feed us for almost three months!!! 
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Mirri is doing great and has gained one and a half pounds!!! She's a real sweetie and Mom has spoiled her rotten!! She's looking good, dancing around and jumping when Mom gets near her and she LOVES all us other perros.
Here she is doing her FAVORITE thing!!!
 She's looking good huh?

Mom and Dad are staying pretty busy getting ready for Bros' wedding!! He is "doing the deed" on October 6th!!! Here's a pic of him and his 4 kids!! The two human kids are Emily and Lucy!! The two furkids are Henry and Poas!! They all get along great and the human kids really need some furfamily!!
 Bro is making his own wedding cake!! He's a pretty good cook so it should be delicious and Maillyn is going to be really beautiful in her wedding gown!!!
Mom made her wedding veil and one each for the girls too!! 
Mom says this is a special day for them too so they need to feel just as special as Bro and Maillyn.
Sis is coming down from the states for the wedding!!! We're all looking forward to seeing her!! She's bringing our friend Patty too!!
We promise to post pics!!!

All us other furkids are just enjoying life. Here's a little video Mom did of Mieko and Delilah playing close to bed time!!

You folks have a GREAT day and we promise to try to blog more often!!


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