Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sept. 8th, 2012

 Yes. we got behind AGAIN!!! It's been a rough couple of weeks. Here's an update of the past few days.
Wednesday Sept.5th 2012

Our reminder is going out early again 'cause we've got a very important request!!!
We need prayers, healing energy, positive energy and good wishes for Don Gato.
He seemed to be doing well but has taken a turn for the worse. He is not eating on his own, not drinking, very lethargic and depressed, weak, and just does not feel good at all.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send powerful energy for him!!!
Mom is really worried so it looks like it's gonna be another sleepless night.
Mom and our volunteer (she's GREAT by the way) got some food down him this morning and gave him all his medication. Mom and Dad were able to get 45 cc's of water into him tonight and some more food. Plus all his evening medication.
We are hoping he will feel better tomorrow morning.

Little Mirri is doing fine. She is now getting medication for the infection in her ears. She HATES getting the drops in her eyes for the eye infection because she can't see it coming and it scares her a little. Mom tries to let her know by touching near each eye as she puts the drops in but it still scares her.
But she's bouncing around and seems to be feeling better every day. She gets to run around in the view room a lot during the day and then Mom puts her  back in the clinic room for a rest.

All us other furkids are doing good. We're trying to stay out of the way while Mom worries about Don Gato.
We just give her a pat on the leg and a sweet smile and tell her we love her.

Please don't forget to vote for BAHAMAS shelter for the rest of this week only. Let's win them a weekly so we can maybe win the international!!

Worried tailwags,


Thursday Sept. 6th, 2012 

 Sorry but this reminder will be short. Moms' got a very sad heart and she doesn't feel like typing much.
Today has been a very bad day.

This morning (Wednesday) we had a HUGE earthquake!! It was a 7.6!!! Our house bounced around a LOT and lots of things fell off shelves and got busted!!! The car was bouncing so hard the tires were coming off the ground.
So far 2 deaths and many injuries have been reported. One man died when a wall fell on him and another died of a heart attack during the quake. Lots of homes were destroyed and roads collapsed or were covered in landslides.
We were very blessed and all of us are ok!! But earthquakes scare Mom worse than just about anything so she has been really tensed up all day.

Then, this afternoon, Don Gatos family came to see him and Mom told them she was VERY worried about his condition. She explained to them that his infections seemed to be getting worse even with all the medication he was on. He was very depressed and lethargic and Mom was REALLY worried about him.
No matter how hard she tried the leg just kept getting worse.
They decided to take him to their regular vet and, after he examined Don Gato, he recommended that he be euthanized. The infection had gotten too severe.
The family decided it was not fair to allow him to keep suffering and made the decision to let him go to the bridge.
We tried so hard to help him and things just did not work out. He rallied for a couple of days and then started getting worse.
Moms heart is broken and she is crying a lot. She feels so bad because she could not save him. We are all very sad tonight.

The good thing is Miss Mirri is doing really good and is becoming very spoiled. She gets to be loose in the view room most of the day. We have to close the screen door so she can't come inside the main house because she might get out onto the porch and fall off the ledge.
Her right eye is looking some better and we are hoping she will regain some sight in it.

Still, it has been a very scary and sad day.

Please don't forget to vote for BAHAMAS for the rest of this week. On Monday we can start voting for Lighthouse again!!! Hopefully, if Bahamas wins a weekly, we can win the international.

Run free at the bridge Don Gato!!

Very sad tailwags,

Friday Sept. 7th, 2012 

Our FANTASTIC volunteer was here again today!! She is a HUGE help around here!! She gives us lots of belly rubs and snuggles!!! WE LIKE HER!!!! Her name is Karina and she is from some place called Norway!! She has this NEAT accent!! She says it is pretty cold in Norway sometimes and they have LOTS of snow!!! I remember snow from Tennessee!!!
It was cold. It got stuck in my fur and made snowballs in my hair!! It didn't taste very good and sometimes it got deep enough that when I squatted to poop it froze my butt!!!
It even got cold in FLORIDA!! Check out my pic sitting under the frozen water fountain!!
I think I like it better when there is NO cold and snow!!! I like a nice WARM butt.

It's still rainy season here but it hasn't been too bad this year. We get a rain usually each afternoon and then we sometimes have some rain at night. The night rains are REALLY great 'cause we have a tin roof and a nice gentle rain
just sounds SOOO nice!!!

'Course if it's a real HEAVY rain we can't hear ourselves think and it scares us perros when it gets so loud.

And GUESS WHAT!!! A lady came today and brought us a LOT of donated medicines and blankets and collars and all kinds of great stuff!! It was a WHOLE BIG SUITCASE full!! And she gave us the suitcase too!!! Mom says it's like CHRISTMAS!!!!! And she says her friends in the states are collecting MORE stuff for us!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

Mom bought a dress for Bros' wedding today!! It's long and real pretty colors!!
She also bought one of those "body smoother" thingys to wear under it.
Now Mom's kinda skinny but she's tall.
Ticas (Costa Rican women) are all pretty petite. So the clothes they sell here are made for smaller women.
Mom has tried to buy blouses here and she says their XL is the same as a SMALL in the US.
Mom says when she went into the underwear store she first tried on the "small" body smoother. She says she couldn't even get it over one leg!!!!! She says maybe it would have fit a very skinny two year old!!

Then she tried on the medium and she managed to get it over one leg but that was all!!!

Then she tried the large!! She got it over both legs but couldn't get it passed her butt!!

So she tried on the XL. She got it all the way up but she couldn't breathe.

So she asked them if they had one that wasn't so STRONG!!!!!
They brought her another one that didn't have the belly panel in it and it fit...but she still makes REAL FUNNY NOISES while she's putting it on!!!

All us furkids just sit and laugh about it!!! Dad laughs too but he told us not to tell Mom!!Mom is still pretty blue. She can't get Don Gato out of her mind. She says she will never again go against her instincts. EVER!!! She blames herself for Don Gato not making it. It could have been avoided if she had pushed for what she thought was the right thing to do.

His human family is SOOOO wonderful!! Most of the rescues we get are animals that somebody got tired of and threw away.
Don Gato had a GREAT family who all loved him like crazy!!!
Mom says they renew her faith in humanity!!
She's so happy to know that he at least had a wonderful life before his accident.

Don't forget to vote for BAHAMAS for the rest of this week!! Then on Monday we can start voting for Lighthouse again!!!
You folks ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

BudBud, (who is still trying to keep from snickering at Mom when she put on that smoother thingy.)

 Saturday Sept 8th, 2012

"Volcano Mom" finally blew yesterday. We all knew it was coming. She can only stand so much pressure and then her top blows!! It's actually a good thing 'cause after that happens she calms down and gets back to  bein' Mom. There's just been too much happening this last couple of weeks and the pressure had really built up.
It's kinda funny too 'cause it's usually some little bitty thing that uncorks her.
It's never us furkids though. She might be irritable with us but what blows the lid off is always something like a light bulb burning out at a bad time or dropping an egg or something like that. 
She's a real sight to see when it happens and she stomps through the house so hard it makes that 7.9 earthquake seem tame.
She's back to normal now and all is better.

Llutu, now known as Pequi, is visiting and she and Clem are BONKERS for each other!!. They NEVER stop wrestling and playing. When Pequi got here Clem was REALLY mad at her and fussed at her real loud for about two minutes!! Then they got busy playing and they haven't stopped. Pequis new sister, Poochie, is here too and sometimes she plays a little but not like Pequi and Clem.
We've got Maggie and Emma and Pogo and Misty here too!!! So there's a total of 22 furkids here now!! It's like old times!!!

Here's a pic of Bro and his 4 kids!! Two of them, Emily and Lucia, are HUMANS!!!! He's getting married to their mom, Maillyn, on the 6th of October!!! The human kids sure are cuties aren't they? And their fur siblings, Poas and Henry, are crazy about them!!!
Mirri is doing great and today she's a little mad 'cause she has to stay in the clinic for most of the day while we clean house. Mom's gonna let her out in a little while but we gotta let the floor get dry first.

Please don't forget to vote for Bahamas the rest of this week!! On Monday we can all start voting for Lighthouse again!!!
You folks ROCK!!!!


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