Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hungry At Lighthouse

Everything is goin' pretty good here 'cept for this "diet" thing. All us perros are thinkin' about goin' to visit Dr. Sharon and explainin' to her that we need MORE FOOD!!! AND TREATS!!! She skinny like Mom so she probably doesn't understand.
Mom weighed us all and found out we're gainin' weight on her home cooked stuff so she cut down on portion size. BUMMER!!!!
She also cut down on portions for the other dogs now so all of us are walkin' around mumblin' about it. And we're getting NO TREATS unless it has medicine in it!!!

Oh well....I guess Mom and Dad are just doin' what's best for us. sigh.....................

Thanks for all the votes!!!
Maybe if our shelter wins Mom will let us celebrate with a COOKIE!!!!!! Our new slogan is VOTE FOR COOKIES!!!
You folks are the BEST!!!


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