Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2-15-12 At Lighthouse

JORAY'S HERE!!! My human sister!!!! We're all REAL happy to see her!!! And today's her birthday!!!
We'll make some pics later and send them maybe in the next reminder.

Pogo and Misty are goin' home today but they're comin' back in a few weeks to stay for a couple of months!!! They're cuties. We always enjoy havin' them here!!

Bunny had another seizure this morning but it wasn't real bad and she sees ok once it was over. Not like the other times when she was so disoriented for such a long time. Aunt Sloane sent us some medicine for her so we're going to start her on that and see if that will help. Mom says Aunt Sloane is an angel!! We all agree!!!

You folks are doin' SOOOOOOO good!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just go to
Click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab. Then choose Costa Rica for the country and click "search." That should bring up Lighthouse. Click "vote" and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.
Once you have voted, the next time you log onto the vote site there should be a spot just below the search box that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit." or something similar. All you have to do is click on vote. You won't have to search for Lighthouse anymore.

Some friends sent us a pic of Mom singin' at the benefit so we're adding it to this reminder.

Thank you ALL for all the votes!!!
Y'all have a great Wednesday!!!

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