Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/1/12 At Lighthouse

THANKS FOR ALL THE VOTES!!! We're in 2nd place thanks to you!!! Please keep voting!!!
Just go to
Click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab. Then choose Costa Rica for the country and click "search." That should bring up Lighthouse. Click "vote" and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.
Once you have voted, the next time you log onto the vote site there should be a spot just below the search box that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit." or something similar. All you have to do is click on vote. You won't have to search for Lighthouse anymore.

GREAT NEWS!!! We got news from the other shelter yesterday that they have been accepted as members of Petfinder!!! That means that in the next shelter challenge we can all vote for them!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! We're SOOOO happy for them!!! We'll be even happier if we can help them win the next challenge!!!

Two more baths yesterday!!! Dad was gone so Mom had to do them by herself. Lluvia got hers first cause she doesn't have to get blown dry. Then Mieko got hers!! She REALLY enjoys her bath and she LOVES getting blow dried!! Her fur is long and silky!! So she looks like a million bucks!!! She stands out in the wind just to show off!!! It's still pretty windy here!!
Milana, Andre, Laika, and Delilah still need their baths so Mom says we'll probably do two or three more baths today!!
We're all lookin' pretty spiffy!! Especially me!!! Mom says I'm the HANDSOMEST boy in the world!!!

My human sister, Joray, is coming down this month!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! She's gonna get here on the 14th!! We can't wait to see her!!
She's gonna be moving to Nashville soon so if any of you live near there let us know!!! We'd love to hook her up with a friend so she'll at least know SOMEBODY there!!!

Do any of you know of a King Charles Spaniel rescue group in or near Atlanta? A friend of Moms posted her that he has a friend who needs to find a home for her 7 year old. Mom emailed her and explained the dangers of giving the dog away and she has asked us to help her find a rescue group. Mom didn't ask the circumstances of why she has to re-home her. If you know of a rescue group or would like to adopt, just let Mom know please!!

Joy is still coughing a lot so y'all please keep saying prayers and sending healing thoughts for all of us.
Bunny is doing pretty good 'cept she pees on herself sometimes when she's sleeping or when she wakes up suddenly. She hasn't had any more seizures though and that's a GOOD thing!! Mom's still adding Taurine to her food. We don't know if that's what's helping or not...but she hasn't had any seizures since we started using it!!!

Y'all have a GREAT DAY and please don't forget to vote!!!!


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