Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12 At Lighthouse

Mom's still rehearsin' for the benefit!! It's not Saturday though. Mom made a mistake. It's SUNDAY!! Here's a link to the info!!
If you live in Costa Rica BE SURE TO COME!!!
It's gonna be fun. Mom says it's a contest to see who cooks the best chili. They have judges but they also let the people vote too!! People get to taste the chili and vote...JUST LIKE WE DO FOR THE CHALLENGE!!!

Us perros don't get to go though cause Mom says she'll be real busy singin' and wouldn't have time to be with us. So we have to stay home.
Mom doesn't let us eat chili anyway though so I guess it would be kinda boring for us.
Besides, we're still on our "diet" thing and we'd probably be grabbing hot dogs and hamburgers out of kids hands if they were low enough to the ground!!!
Heck!!! I bet I've probably already lost a hundred pounds!!!

Maggie and Emma, our furbuddys that Mom and Dad baby sit for, are coming Saturday night. They're really nice furkids and we always enjoy having them. For some reason their humans are coming with them this time and staying over night!! I guess Mom and Dad are baby sitting with them too!!!
Mom says it's because they live far away and it's a long way for them to drive on the day of the benefit. That's why they're stayin' with us the night before. Us Lighthouse kids will have to see if we can get them to sneak us some treats!!

Y'all have a great Thursday and don't forget to vote!!


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