Sunday, February 5, 2012

2-5-12 At Lighthouse

HAPPY SUNDAY Y'ALL!!! Mom says today's gonna be a good day!! Thanks for all the votes!! Please keep voting!!!
Just go to
Click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab. Then choose Costa Rica for the country and click "search." That should bring up Lighthouse. Click "vote" and then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote.
Once you have voted, the next time you log onto the vote site there should be a spot just below the search box that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit." or something similar. All you have to do is click on vote. You won't have to search for Lighthouse anymore.

Mom says we all have to go on a diet 'cause Dr. Sharon says we're too fat and it's hard on our hearts. You know what that means........NO TREATS!!! BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny is the only one who's not fat. She's still got her schoolgirl figure!!

Mom's busy cookin' up some more rice and chicken for us. She's puttin' green beans in it this time too along with the carrots and potatoes.

We just got done singin' to Mom. It always cheers her up when we do that. We try to sing to her at least once or twice a day.

We should get Delilahs test results back on Monday to see if her kidneys have a problem. We all feel pretty good today. Yesterday Bunny had a couple of seizures but they weren't real bad ones. Mom rocks her and sings to her when it happens and all us other furkids just wait and watch to make sure she's ok. We're a pretty tight knit group and we look out for one another!!

You guys have a great Sunday and please don't forget to vote!!

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