Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mr. Fox....A New Kid

Wags Y'all!!!

Sorry we got behind again but Mom's been real busy with a new kid. He's in really bad shape and Mom's workin' like crazy to save him.

His name is Mr. Fox. He's super skinny and so anemic his blood is as thin as water!! You can SEE through it!!!

Mom's been giving him lots of meds, subcutaneous fluids, supplements, feeding him by hand to try to get him to eat, and all kinds of stuff.

He got a blood transfusion today. Our Laika gave her BLOOD for him!!!! WOW!!! She's a HERO!!!! Mom and Dad gave her extra treats and food tonight!!

He's sleeping right now and has stuff running down a tube and into his arm. Mom says it's "intravenous fluids" and he needs it really bad.

He's getting lots of medicine too.

You folks please say some prayers and send healing energy for him ok? He's awful weak and sick.

Tailwags from the Lighthouse Crew

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