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6-29-13 News From Lighthouse

Wags Y'all!!!!

Important news about the shelter challenge in this post so please read  the whole post.

Things have been pretty busy here 'cause Mom's got a new kid named Mr. Fox and she and Dad have been pretty busy with him. 
A kind lady rescued him. She's gonna take him back when she comes back from the states.
He was pretty sick when he got here and they've had to do lots of stuff for him. He weighed 6 pounds when he got here and now he weighs 12 and a quarter. But he's still a skeleton!!  Mom says he probably should weigh about 20 or 25 pounds when he's healthy again.

Us furkids have been helping him too!!! of us has.
Laika gave up her BLOOD for him!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! They took it right out of Laika and put it in Mr. Fox!!!!! How neat is that!!! We all stood on the steps and looked in the clinic room window!!

Laika sure was BRAVE!!!! 
The rest of us furkids kinda thought we might wanna keep all of our blood but Laika stepped up to the plate and let them take some of hers!!!
It really helped too 'cause Mr. Fox has been getting better ever since!!
Laika's a HERO!!

Gracie and Mercy are doin' fantastic and runnin' and playin' and eatin' and everything. 
Mercys' blood platelettes are still not right so she's on antibiotics for that but she seems totally healthy and she runs like the wind and plays all the time!!!

You can't tell Gracie was ever sick!! She's just a totally normal, active furkid!! And GUESS WHAT!!!! She's gettin' ADOPTED!!!!!
Kristi, our great volunteer is takin' her back to the states with her to live on her moms' farm!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!

News about the shelter challenge.
It looks like we won't be able to participate in any more shelter challenges. 
They have changed those "rule" thingys and now you have to be a 501c3 to participate.
Mom says she has never been a 501c3. She says it costs a lot to become one and all her money goes to the animals. Not to lawyers.
She says she can have 100 dogs and/or cats spayed or neutered or help LOTS of sick or injured animals with the money it would cost her to become a 501c3.

She says she and Dad do what they do all by themselves. We get a volunteer occasionally but 95% of the time it's just her and Dad who do all the work, pay all the bills, and all that stuff.
She says if she was a 501c3 she would have to find people to be "officers" or "members of the board" or stuff like that and there just is not enough time, in rescue the way we do it, to have meetings and do fund raisers, and the things that most 501c3s' do.  
The way Mom puts it is..."I take care of animals. THAT is what I do. I don't have time for all that other crap."

She figures the Animal Rescue Site needs to be able to deduct that $1,000.00. She says it's a shame that "deducting" is more important than helping the shelters that really need it. The individual rescue people/families who are totally dedicated to helping the animals and spend their own money in doing so but who can't afford to pay a lawyer to do a lot of paperwork and filing and, like her and Dad, don't have time for all the junk that goes with it. She says her time is for the animals. Not for meetings and stuff.

She said she knew it was too good to last. It usually always turns out to be about the bottom line. (Us furkids don't know what "bottom line" means but it must be more important than most stuff.) 
Mom says we have been able to save more animals when we won the grants and that's what's important and she's very grateful to the Animal Rescue Site and Petfinder for all they do to help animals and humans. So she just says, "That's ok," She's done it for over 60 years without the grants so she figures she can still do it....only on a smaller scale.
Problem is she has a really hard time turning away animals in need. 

Anyway, here is a new video we did yesterday of the new kid,
Mr. Fox," and some of us other furkids. We're all doing fine and just enjoyin' life. Mom says we're the best and we keep her heart young.

Thanks for all the votes in the past and helping us to win the grants we have won. It has helped LOTS of animals.

YOU FOLKS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the new video!!! ENJOY!!!!!

The whole Lighthouse Crew

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