Friday, June 7, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day Today!!

Wags Y'all!!!

Us Lighthouse Furkids are all enjoyin' the sunshine and nice breeze today. You folks ought to come see us!! You'd really like it here!!!

Miss Mercy got to go into town today with Mom and Dad!! She had a GREAT time and got to be the center of attention everywhere she went!! She's a real attention hog!! And she seems to love everybody!! 
She even talked Uncle Tom out of a couple of french fries when they went to Kays Gringo Postres!!

And in the park she scampered and tugged playfully on her leash when Kristi was holding the leash!! 

She doesn't seem to mind the leash at all. Mom put a pink harness on her and attached a pink leash. Pink is DEFINITELY Mercys' color!! Such a priss pot!!!

Mom took her by to see the vet too. He was the one who gave up and didn't think she could pull through. He knew she was near death and she was so horribly weak he didn't know what else to do for her.
Mom says you should have seen his face when he saw our Mercy!!! He was astounded!!!
He asked Mom all about how she managed to save this little one. Mom told him lots of prayers, fluids, electrolytes, supplements, nourishment by the dropper full, etc. around the clock for the first night.
While Mom was there he got her to help him with another little dog that was in his hospital. 

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of Miss Mercys' first outing!!

Tailwags from the WHOLE LIGHTHOUSE CREW!!

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