Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mercy In The Morning 6-1-13

Here's todays update on our little Maltese girl, Mercy!! She's doing GREAT!!! Just look how lively and happy she is!! And MAN!!! Does she love her bed!!! LOL!!

She is doing well, eating two to two and a half large cans of Pedigree Puppy food a day. I'm also mixing some dry Pedigree Puppy food in with it along with her meds.

She still is not drinking water like she should. I am still having to syringe it for her. She is getting coconut water instead of plain water. Coconut water has lots of electrolytes and is really healthy for her.
She is also getting coconut oil massaged into her itchy skin. 

I cleaned her ears today and found she has ear mites so I doctored her for that.

Please keep praying and sending healing energy.

Hope the video is not too choppy for you. I promise to do better when I get my own computer back.

Here's todays video!!

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